Mark your calendars and cancel all appointments – MTV Iggy’s throwing a unique and exciting global pop music event and making history on 12.12.11. It’s the culmination of a year-long program to find best new bands in the world, a reward for faithful and fanatical fans who voted ceaselessly for six weeks, and a dazzling display of the rich musical creativity that exists across nationalities…and everyone’s invited to the celebration!

The multi-location, multi-platform event will feature four acts representing the vast breadth and depth of music talent, four symbols of a growing global music movement.

Headliners 2NE1, the four fiercest ladies of K-pop, ride atop a Hallyu wave that’s growing into a pop culture tsunami. Venezuelan dance punkers La Vida Boheme twist the tropes of Western rock music, reawakening an anarchic joy long since lost. Jamaican sensation Gyptian’s devastatingly seductive croon carries the torch for reggae into the new century. And Malaysia’s folk pop darling Yuna combines an unforgettable voice and retro-glamorous looks into an iconic emblem of modern Muslim sensibilities.

Hosted by MTV VJs Suchin Pak and Sway, MTV Iggy’s Best New Band concert will be simulcast on the MTV’s giant HD screen in Times Square and feature live backstage MTV Studio interviews, highlight reels, roving reporters, and interactions with fans in Times Square and online.

The event is free to ticket holders. Enter by December 6th for a chance to witness it all in person. But we invite music lovers the world over to watch and participate! Details below:

When: December 12th, 2011, from 4pm to 6pm US Eastern Standard Time

Where on land: The Best Buy Theater in Times Square, MTV Studios, and MTV’s giant HD screen (which will also display fan tweets)

Where online: Live streaming on MTVIggy.com (and the chance to chat and comment in the language of your choice via Ortsbo translation)

Where on-the-go: The live stream will be viewable on iPads, iPhones, and all Android devices

Come celebrate MTV Iggy’s holiday global music present and watch us crown your pick for the best band in the world. The 2NE1st century begins on 12.12.11. 

Are you ready?

Source: MTV Iggy 
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