[News] Lee Seung-gi "Lonely without Kang Ho-dong"

Singer Lee Seung-gi missed the entertainer Kang Ho-dong who has gone temporarily off television.

Lee Seun-ki appeared in the cable TV Mnet "MIC" on the 27th.

Hosting the SBS TV program "Kang Heart" alone after Kang Ho-dong's temporary retirement, Lee Seung-gi said, ""Kang Heart" is my brother and I started it with my brother who was always by me. When I started hosting it on my own, I think I challenged it as if it was life or death. It's the first time I did something with the thought of risking my life".

About the good evaluations coming from everyone around him about the good job he's been doing he said, "It's good of course that there is good response for a result but I don't feel good all the time since he's not here. I can't always laugh about it".

Source :news.nate.com/view/20...
Translated by Hancinema.net