[News] Lee Seung-chul in Duet with 'Superstar K' Finalist

Lee Seung-chul, a singer and judge on Mnet reality TV show "Superstar K3," asked Korean-American contestant Christina Love Lee after a performance on one episode of the show to sing a duet with him, and the result is the single "I Believe," to be released next Monday.

Christina was one of the 11 finalists and ended up placing fourth after months-long competition.

"In fact, what I meant was that she sang so well," Lee explained. "But I thought as a judge I should do something for Christina, who I think was the best singer among all the contestants."

Lee Seung-chul "went over every detail with me," Cristina said. And it seems their relationship will continue. Lee wants to offer help with her debut album. "I want to send the message that your dream can come true to all those who have dedicated their life to music. I hope a duet of a debutante and a veteran singer with a 26-year career will give hope to numerous aspiring musicians out there."

Source: Chosun English