[News] Lee Hyori to take her top off?

Singer Lee Hyori made a shocking offer for her fans regarding to the sales of her calendars.

During her guest appearance on MBC's "Section TV" on December 25th, Lee Hyori, who had an interview about promoting her charity calendar, wittingly joked, "“If 20,000 copies of the calendars sell, should I go with the top off like Je Dong oppa?"

She then added with a lot of aegyo, "Idol management companies made a lot of money, so instead of idol calendars, please buy the abandoned dogs calendars."

Earlier this month, Lee Hyori released the “Lee Hyori 2012 Calendar featuring herself with her beloved pet Soonshim. The singer, who is well-known for her efforts in helping out abandoned animals, has released the calendar in effort to promote the adoption of abandoned dogs. All of the proceeds from the sales will be donated directly to charities.