[News] Kang Ho Dong replies to Lee Soo Geun's congratulatory text message

It was revealed that the production team of KBS ’1 Night 2 Days’, together with the cast members Lee Soo Geun, Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min, and Uhm Tae Woong have reached out to Kang Ho Dong to show their appreciation.

The members had all tried calling him multiple times, but there was no answer on the other line. In the end, they decided that Lee Soo Geun should send Kang Ho Dong a thank you message for the whole group.

According to an associate of Lee Soo Geun the text message read, “We got the award thanks to you, hyungnim. We want to share this honor with you” and Kang Ho Dong replied, “Don’t get tired and don’t lose your spirit. I was happy to have been together with all of you”.

After winning the KBS Daesang Lee Soo Geun stated during his acceptance speech, “Big hyungnim, I will go visit you with the trophy” and he had publicly deferred all the glory to Kang Ho Dong.

Close friends revealed that the reason Kang Ho Dong hadn’t answered the call was because he felt that the honor should solely be with the ’1 Night 2 Day’s team. Kang Ho Dong watched the awards ceremony on TV, but it must have hurt a lot that he couldn’t be there.

Another associate stated, “To describe Kang Ho Dong’s situation right now, it’s more like that he has confined himself to his home. His heart hasn’t fully healed from the unfortunate incident and that is why he isn’t even able to answer the calls from the ’1 Night 2 Day’s casts, who are like his real brothers”.

’1 Night 2 Days’ was supposed to see its end on February of 2012, but for now, from all indication the production for its second season is being discussed. No official announcement has been made yet.

Source: Starin via Nate
Credits: kpopfever