[News] JYP Denies Accusations of Manipulation

Founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young denied accusations that SBS’s latest idol survival audition program, “K-Pop Star” was rigged.

On December 13th, a captured photo from the audition video of contestant Yoon Hyun Sang was uploaded online. The same Yoon, who won first place on JYP's online audition in January, recently appeared on "K-Pop Star" and received much praise from Park Jin Young causing much suspicions among netizens.

Park Jin Young wrote on his Twitter, "You’re saying we let our company’s trainee on ‘K-Pop Star’? If I ever do that, I’ll get beat up by Yang Hyun Suk, before the fans even get to me. It didn’t happen so just relax and enjoy the show with me."

He further explained, "We’ve confirmed that Yoon Hyun Sang did apply for the JYP video auditions. The video auditions are preliminaries for the actual auditions, so it is true that Yoon Hyun Sang auditioned for JYP because he came in first place for the video auditions. However, he was eliminated after an interview round with employees. Therefore, has no relation with JYPE.

During the December 11th broadcast of "K-Pop Star", Yoon Hyun Sang appeared and sang Yoo Jae Ha’s “With You in My Heart”. He was praised by Park Jin Young with his vocals and songwriting skills stating, "If I was a woman, I would’ve gone out with you".

"K-Pop Star" is a survival audition program, which collaborated with the "Big 3" agencies including pop sentation BoA of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and the founder and producer of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young.

Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net
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