[News] J.Estina unveiled 2012 S/S advertisement visual!

J.Estina revealed its Girls’ Generation’s 2012 S/S advertisement visual and the first image (for J.Estina’s handbag) which was released recently features Taeyeon, who gives out the feeling of spring with her white blouse and yellow mini skirt.
The attractive vivid yellow purse selected by Taeyeon is one of the items from the BONBON line. The golden macaron-shaped tiara logo is a symbol of the modern and elegant design of the purse.
For this shoot, with the combination of Girls’ Generation’s fresh and youthful smile, light-colored costumes representing the S/S season as well as J.Estina’s new Jewellery collection, the impression of bright sunshine during the spring season can be felt despite the winter’s sub-zero temperature.
From some of the J.Estina’s advertisement visuals revealed on December 27th, Girls’ Generation are featured as romantic modern-day princess where each of the 9 members will be showcasing their various unique charms.
Girls’ Generation who are always busy with their schedules participated in the shooting from early morning till late night. However, their various poses, bright smiles and energetic appearances had brighten up the atmosphere of the shooting set.

Credit: hankyung.com/sports.donga.com + fanwonder.com