[News] IU was too unique to be in a girl group

IU was about to debut in a girl group.

On the most recent episode of KBS 2TV ‘Win Win’, IU came on to the show to reveal some behind-the-scene stories about her pre-debut.

IU said, “I lived in a dorm and debuted after about 10 months of training.” IU had debuted rather quickly compared to other idol singers. She continued, “Our agency was busy getting a girl group ready, but I debuted before them (they were older and trained longer). I was very sorry.”

She then said, “During that time, the producer decided to debut me because I was only a junior high student. In his eyes, I was still young and even if I were to fail this time, I would be able to try again in the future.”

She said, “During my days as a trainee, I thought that I would debut in a girl group. But, they told me that my voice wasn’t a voice that could be harmonized with. They decided to debut me as a solo singer because my voice would stand out and it would eventually cause a break in the group.”

In related news, IU revealed that she was a victim of an entertainment company’s scam.

Credits: iulicious