[News] Infinite opening a solo concert ‘Second Invasion’!

The group, Infinite, will be holding a solo concert.

Infinite will be holding their solo concert, ‘Second Invasion’, from 2012.2.11~2012.2.12 for two days at Olympic Park Handball arena.

This concert’s name, ‘Second Invasion’, holds a meaning that they’ll invade the music industry for the second time through a concert as a follow up of their debut album, ‘First Invasion’.

CJ E&M Concert Department, who will be planning and producing this performance, showed high praise to the artist by saying, “Infinite’s best positive points are their perfect stages that are nearly 100% synchronized and each member’s sincerity. Their abundant repertory and excellent musicianship were big strengths to planning the concert.”

Infinite, who is planning a solo concert even though they haven’t reached 2 years since their debut, expressed their thoughts, “Through our solo concert in February, we’ll be starting 2012 being full of energy. We worked hard to prepare for this, thinking that it’s a place to repay our fans who have been supporting us.”

Also, Infinite first revealed a poster with just an infinite logo, the name, and the concert date on a black background. However, they will reveal posters with the members’ faces in the middle of December.

Meanwhile, tickets will be selling on December 9th for their fanclub and will sell for others on December 14th.

Source: bnt 
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