[News] In 2012, Girl Group Will Lose, the Risen of Boy Group!

2011 was shining because of the activeness of girl groups. T-ara, Secret, SNSD, Wonder Girls made their comeback on this year, including IU who recorded the longest #1 in digital chart. Just as we mentioned, it's the girls generation.

But other than them, we can also see some activeness of boy groups who enriches the music industry. The best prospect of 2012 is no other than boy group. The 'leader' of the music industry will naturally changes. The main character of 2012 is no other than Infinite, TEEN TOP, B1A4, Boyfriend, LED Apple, and also (coming soon) Bang Yongguk-Zelo's B.A.P and EXO-K, EXO-M.

Since when?

Infinite appeared on June 2010 as the energizer of the music industry with 'Come Back Again'. They run restlessly with their music and integrity instead of some glamorous or superior mask. We thought that they gathered attention because of 'B.T.D', but the real (double) hit is 'Be Mine' and 'Paradise'. They had become a big star, and each of their movements are receiving attention. Infinite is the only group who had received a nickname like 'Trend-idols'.

Around the same time, TEEN TOP debuts one month later with 'Clap'. At first, they received more spotlight than Infinite, but their met their dark days again after 'Supa Luv'. The only thing that left inside viewers' mind is Niel's unique visual, that's it. But in July 2011 they succeed with 'No More Perfume on You'.

After the awareness of Infinite and TEEN TOP, we can see Boyfriend with their lovely and intense charms, and also B1A4 with their gorgeous visual and unique fashion. Just like their senior, they're also successful.

The most important thing is whether it's girl group or boy group, they are brave enough to throw themselves into the fierce music industry. The only thing that we can do now is to watch their survival in winning, and to support them.


translation by dianapetrina@6teensontop.com