[News] Eat Your Kimchi Shares their experience at YG Family Concert!

Last night we had the chance to attend the YG Family Concert and OMG was it ever AWEEESOOOMME!!! The lineup was amazing: Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY, Se7en, Gummy, Tablo, and Jinusean. We saw the very last concert of the weekend (the December 4th Sunday 7:oo PM show) and it ended around 11:30 PM.

It was, however, a real fluke that we had the chance to go. We had done a newspaper interview early on in the week and in it we talked about YG Entertainment. We were surprised to receive an email from a YG Entertainment rep telling us that they’d like to send us tickets to the show! HOLY FREAKING AMAZING! *Martina does sky punches*

Now the only sad part about this story is that we had the option between standing tickets (in the floor pit area where you can eye-grope Big Bang up close) or sitting tickets further back. While we really wanted to stand, we were worried that Simon’s giantness would block a lot of people’s field of vision, and then he would get attacked by angry fangirls and stabbed in the kidneys by an angry fangirl’s glow sticks. That would have been sad. So, we chose the seats, BUT we were happily surprised to discover that the venue at Olympic Stadium is very awesomely laid out; no matter where you sit, you can see perfectly! YAY!

Now, we had a press package that gave us the set list, and I translated it the best I could, but I didn't actually know some of the names of the songs, so hopefully some of you guise can fill it in for us! However, the set list wasn't totally accurate. There were some changes in the order, and it felt like a few songs were missing/were different. All I know is that 2NE1 opened the show with I Am The Best followed by Fire, so that’s already one big change!

(YG Family Concert 2011 Setlist)

Anyways, sorry, but we couldn’t show any footage of the concert. It would get pulled from YouTube by YG and then we’d be in big trouble for posting it. And, hell, we wouldn’t want to steal that footage from YG after they were kind enough to give us the tickets for free. That’d be a real jerk move! Not that we could anyways: they had the most amazing security ninja guards grabbing cameras and scolding people.

Unfortunately, the security guards didn’t get a hold of the jerk faced foreigners sitting two rows ahead of us. They got totally shitfaced drunk, and did nothing but grope and make out with each other and yell obnoxiously throughout the show. Good job, jerk bags. I hope you read our blog and know that you annoyed the hell out of everyone around you.

But that was the only bad thing about the show. Honestly, we can say that this was one of the best concert experiences we’ve ever attended. It was meticulously organized. One song flowed into the next song seamlessly. Lights and camera work and display screens and pyrotechnics were all perfectly synchronized to the music. Perfect misdirection of attention would have you focus on one thing while someone else was setting up somewhere else. It was…just awesome. Really. We said this in the video and we’ll say it here again: we will be going to these concerts from now on, and we highly recommend everyone do the same. Even if you’re not a fan of every song, you’ll at least be stunned by how awesome the entire show is.

The show was entirely in Korean, though, and a lot of the breaks between songs were of artists talking to the audience. Even THAT was awesome. Yes, we didn’t understand everything happening, but we could tell that they were very comfortable with what they were saying, and were very humorous as well. We’ve been to lots of concerts where artists are really awkward between songs, stumbling and stuttering out some small talk, and we sometimes find it annoying, if not humorous. Here, though, it seemed like their small talk was even rehearsed perfectly.

One of the things we found really touching about the show as well was Daesung’s appearance. As soon as he took to the mic everyone screamed their guts out in support of him. And when he said whatever it was he said in Korean, people cheered him on sooooo strongly. Really. Great show of support there. It even looked like he was going to cry. Daesung, fighting!

Ah! That’s it for now. Thanks again to YG for sending us the tickets. Really, it was one of our coolest experiences here in Korea. Woot! And here’s someone else’s fan cam of, perhaps, the highlight of the night: Big Bang covering 2NE1′s “I Am The Best.” Not the best quality, but definitely HILARIOUS!

Source: eatyourkimchi