[News] Dongho, Kiseop, and Soohyun fighting over their “girlfriend"

U-Kiss members Dongho, Kiseop and Soohyun were very active on twitter last night, fighting over their 'girlfriend'.
It was later found out through their pictures that the 'girlfriend' they were referring to, was a big blue bear which the three of them all took pictures with.

On each of their own twitter pictures with the big blue bear, all of them stated it as their girlfriends.

In dongho's tweet with the bear, he wrote, "hehehe i’m on a date^^ jealous, huh!!! hehe"

In Soohyun's tweet with the bear, he wrote, "everyone…. i found a person who i love… i’m sorry… i’ll release the photo.. please do not despair.." and tweeted a picture of him sitting beside the bear.

In Kiseop's tweet with the bear, he wrote, "wanna eat chocolate? wanna eat candy^^?" with a picture of him feeding the bear, implying that he is asking the bear the questions.

Check out their tweet 'fight' below to see who won the 'girlfriend'.

After the pictures, Dongho started the 'fight' by tweeting to Soohyun:
[Trans] ….hyung, now….you’re sitting next to MY girlfriend and…what are….you doing?;;;ㅡㅡ

Soohyun later replied his tweet saying:
[Trans] dongho ya! give [her] up to your hyung!!

Dongho then replied Soohyun:
[Trans] wow…..ㅜㅜㅜ cry cry what am i supposed to do? ㅠㅜㅠ

At this moment, Kiseop joined in their conversation:
[Trans] what the heck is this.. what are you doing to MY girlfriend……

To this, Dongho replied:
[Trans] my girlfriend says that kiseop hyung is not that good keke

And to end this, Soohyun gave up and tweeted:

[Trans] fine i’ll give up… then i’ll just date KISS-MES!! hahahahahahahahaha

So.. in conclusion.. it's a happy ending? Haha.

Fans commented "i want to be the bear & have them fighting over me too!", "the bear is so lucky", "soohyun good choice to give up the bear and date us! hehehe", 'they're so cute fighting over the 'girlfriend'!'

translations: http://fuckyeahukiss.tumblr.com/
posted & edited by: vannie@dkpopnews.