[News] Chocolat makes a mature comeback

Multi-cultural group Chocolat, who made their first comeback since their debut with “Syndrome”, is now creating a buzz with their mature look.

Although they returned with just four members, Chocolat successfully kicked off their comeback performance with "I Like It" on the December 9th broadcast of KBS2 "Music Bank". The group ditched off their cute image and came back with a more refined and mature image. The girls looked like fierce and daring warriors while giving off a sexy and powerful choreography.

The group's agency explained Jae Yoon's absence and denied rumors of her withdrawal saying, "She has bad health and couldn’t take part in the recordings. However, once she recovers she will resume with her activities."

Chocolat will be releasing their comeback mini album on December 15th.

Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net
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