[News] Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In to pursue solo career under Loen Entertainment

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In announced that she has signed a contract with Loen Entertainment.

On December 21st, Loen Entertainment revealed that Ga In will begin her solo singing and acting career under them. The agency stated, "She will continue with her group activities under her current firm, Nega Networks, which is a collaborative label with Loen. We work together to manage our artists and music distributions."

Nega Network will still be responsible for everthing regarding Ga In's activities with the Brown Eyed Girls. However, Loen Entertainment will be managing her solo music and acting endeavors.

A representative explained, "The contract will not affect her group activities and Loen will be in charge of producing her solo albums." He added, "So far, nothing has been finalized on the format or when the album will be released."

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls is currently taking a break with their activities after releasing their fourth full-length album "Sixth Sense".

Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net
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