[News] “Brave Brothers - I’m happy even with 500 won if there’s music”!

TEEN TOP Excerpt from interview with Brave Brothers:

-There’s a rumour going around saying that it’s hard to receive songs from the Brave Brothers. 
“I’ll accommodate the singers’ requests. But in return the overall concept has to be decided by me. I’ll decide 
even on the music video concept, after listening to the views’ of the singer, I’ll edit according. If they are unable 
to accommodate these, then the singers will not come to me” 
 -As a producer, a group that you covet for. (great desire for) 
“It’s definitely TEEN TOP. I’ve seen with my own eyes the rigorous training that their company has put them through. No matter what I ask them to do, they always exceed my expectations. The album I’m producing for them will be released next year and I’ve given it my all without any reservations. Look forward to it.

Trans: oursupaluv