[NEWS] The BOSS's Karam and X-5's Ghun Japanese MC Debut

The group The BOSS's Karam along with X-5's leader Ghun were chosen to be the MCs at the Yokohama Areana for the K-pop Festival Christmas Edition on the 3rd.

This concert lasted 3 hours which was split into 2 with SS501's Park Jungmin being the MC of part 1 and The BOSS's Karam and X-5's leader Ghun being the MCs of part 2.

The BOSS started off with 'Love Power' along with their Korean song 'Lady' and another of their Japanese songs, 'Love Parade.' Just as much as they have done activities
in Japan, the fans reacted explosively. Their fluent Japanese received lots of attention. X-5 performed a song from their mini album 'Do You Want to See Me Go Crazy' and
their debut song 'Don't Put on a Show'
Karam and Ghun have said, "We were very nervous because it was our first time getting the role of an MC," and "Luckily, we didn't make any mistakes but we still aren't
good enough so we will work just as hard to show a better side of us."

During this performance, Shin Hye Sung, MBLAQ, Infinite, Park Jungmin, Boyfriend, Park Hyunbin, Code V, along with nine others participated.

On the other hand, The BOSS will be releasing their 4th Japanese single on the 7th and X-5 will have a comeback with a new mini album on the 8th [of December].

Source: OSEN
Translator(s): 대국남아 사랑해!~ ♥ @AstroMAFIA