[News] ‘Boss’ JYJ Kim Jaejoong vs ‘Hunter’ Lee Minho, competition in acting ‘Who is the winner?’

JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong and Lee Minho entered into competition in drama acting.
From 27th to 31th Dec, in SBS NeTV’s webite, a vote called ’2011 Adieu! Winners of NeTV Gorealra Awards are?’ is conducted.
10s scene of Kim Jaejoong in dram ‘Protect the Boss’ and hat action scene of Lee Minho in ‘City Hunter’ were nominated.

Till the 29th, Kim Jaejoong got 47% of approval rating and climbed to #1 by a whisker. This scene appeared in episode 10, when Muwon who was in love with No Eunseol was looking deep in her eyes. The scene that Kim Jaejoong were trying to heal himself through Choi Kanghee was impressive.

Three days remaining until the end of voting, attention is focused on who will win this competition.
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