[NEWS] The Boss & JYJ Jaejoong, Secured Hallyu Stars

JYJ Kim Jaejoong and The Boss met their fans in Japan and China.

The reason why JYJ Kim Jaejoong was in China was thanks to his drama 'Protect the Boss'. He had his solo fan meeting as Actor Kim Jaejoong, not as JYJ Kim Jaejoong on 10th December in Shanghai, China thanks to the popularity of the drama. All 4000 tickets were sold out. Fans who couldn't get the ticket held an 'outdoor support' on the venue.
A representative of the fan meeting's organizer explained, "The Chinese fans showed their passion by watching the drama in real-time. We held the fan meeting thanks to his flooding charms as Cha Muwon."

The Boss' 4th single album contains another song of the love series called 'Love Days'. Two other tracks were also in the album which is 'Taiyou ga Noborou Basho' and 'Futari no Sukina Akanezora'.
On the day of The Boss' Japanese 4th single 'Love Days' released, the album reached 7th place in Oricon Chart.

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