[News] BEG's Gain signs contract with Loen to pursue solo career

Brown Eyed Girls member Gain will pursue her solo career.

On Wednesday, Loen reveals that on December 21, Gain signed a contract with Loen Entertainment.

The agency disclosed in 10Asia that Gain signed with the agency and will begin her solo debut in both singing and acting.

Loen added, "Gain will still continue her activities with the group in her current agency, Nega Networks, which has collaboration with Loen. We will work together to manage our artists and music."

They clearly stated that the contract will not affect Gain's activities with Brown Eyed Girls and Loen will be responsible with her solo albums. "There are no release of Gain's album details so far."

Source: 10Asia
Written and Edited by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net