[NEWS] BEAST, "Next year we will receive first place with more meaning

After the mega hit of Big Bang and Wonder Girls in 2007, it's been already 4 years since the "idol fad" has been going around. Each year, the idol industry has been known to be overflowing, however the new groups put together with dream and passion has successfully gained the attention of the public, even though the type of attention might be negative.

The ideal type of this is BEAST. Consisting of members who faced hard times in YG and JYP, BEAST was finally able to join the group of popular stars in two years and is currently awaiting to start off a 14 country world tour next year. Even though it might be something that can raise the confidence of the group, BEAST continues to remain strange. When we said we will be interviewing the "hot people" who lit up the 2011 year, leader Yoon Doojoon blurted out "huk." (T/N: "Huk" is the Korean word used in shocking situations or moments in disbelief).

"We still need to work harder. Really. I'm not saying this because it is an interview, but we were really disappointed. We really wished to release another album for you guys. We only had the 5 weeks of activities in Korea with our album."

In this age of overflowing idols, the reason they are displaying a lead in this race has to do with their sad beginning for BEAST who started later than some. Yoon Doojoon continued to deny the fact they were ahead and stated that there was a big moment of change for them.

"To be really honest. When we first debuted, we thought we were going to do really well. (Laughs) Maybe not a top star material, but we thought we were going to do fairly well. But, that wasn't the case. Other than the fact that we were active thanks to the help of other idol groups, it was really hard for us. So that is why the members started to prepare their minds. We thought we might have to do part time jobs. Or we thought about what kind of jobs we will do for the future. It was really serious."

Most of the times they showed a lot of playful sides, however they changed a lot about themselves to overcome the hard times. And then, they started to see the seats in front of them fill up with BEAST fans.

"It was when we were active with 'Mystery'. Suddenly, there were a lot of fans in the seats. Then, we came to the conclusion that we will be able to catch more attention if we worked a bit harder. We thought and considered a lot of things. How should I say this. We were really desperate."

Just like that BEAST, who had become the popular group, was able to make a statement as one of the top groups of this year. During February, they completed their first concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium and won the artist award for their first official album through Melon Music Awards.

"The concert at Olympic Stadium, it was the biggest award for us then and it still is even now. Going to BOYZ II Men and G Dragon's solo concerts, we wondered when we were going to do a concert here. That was the truth even though it makes us look really sad. (Laughs) When we were given the chance to do a concert there, worries filled us first. We were concerned that other people thought we were being arrogant. It's been only 2 years since debut, and it was a bit early for us. However, many people came and we can't forget our performances then."

If you look at that way, for BEAST everything has been early on time. Concert, winning first place, and even the world tour, everything has been faster for them compared to other groups. Rather than being prideful, BEAST had been more modest.

"We were cursed at a lot after winning first place. (Laughs) The thing we agreed on though was that we need to be more active next year and receive the award then with more meaning. World tour is overwhelming. In hallyu sense, we are like babies. We are nervous to be starting so early compared to other sunbaes, but we will complete it well. And when the tour is over, we hope that you will anticipate and support the album we are releasing after the tour as well. Our overall goal is really different. Honestly, the award isn't important to us. We just want to be a group that adults can name in surveys."

For BEAST who had spent half of the year overseas, it was hard for them, but they are overcoming it with the close friendship between the members.

"The relationship between the members is really good. Since debut, I think right now we are doing the best right now. Last Christmas, all the members got together to watch a movie. We watched 'National Player" and the six men laid down and cried together. (Laughs)"