[News] Angel-like Daddies CNBLUE Promote Child Adoption

CNBlue members promote child adoption for abandoned babies.

@4portrait: 초청장엔 안들어갔지만, 아까운사진^^ CNBLUE 이종현,정용화, 아가천사의 아름다운 표정~ 닮았다!!

[Trans] Although this is not included in the invitation card, but it’s such a precious photo ^^ CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun, Jung Yong Hwa & baby angel’s beautiful looks~ they resemble each other!!

@4portrait: 초청장엔 안들어간, 제가 좋아하는 사진^^CNBLUE 강민혁의 천사표정과 이정신의 착한아빠 표정.. 너무 아름답지요?

[Trans] Even though this is not included in the invitation card, it’s my favorite photo^^CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk‘s angel-look & Lee Jung Shin‘s good-daddy look.. Aren’t they really beautiful?

The babies are abandoned, waiting to be adopted. Only a few very lucky babies will be adopted to Korean family. Others will go to foreign countries and grow to be foreign citizens and probably hate not only their parents but also Korea who abandoned themselves. This exhibition is to arouse interest in adoption. (credit: @saturnkr)

Source: @4portrait
Translated by: CebuNuna @ cnbluestorm