[NEWS]The Boss ranked 7th Place in Oricon Chart. Up to 10,000 People Attended Their Event.

The BOSS is attracting lots of attention in Japan.

They have released their 4th Japanese single 'Love Days' on the 10th. Adding on to their Love Series composed of their previous singles 'Love Power' 'Love Bingo!' and 'Love Parade,' is their 4th album with the title song 'Love Days' along with 'The Place Where the Sun Rises' and 'Our Favorite Sunset Sky' which has gained lots of popularity and reached 7th place on the Oricon Charts.

They held a release event called 'Love Atatamekai' at Kanagawa Lazona Kawasaki Plaza. It was a 2-part event which attracted 10,000 people. As a sign of successfulness, they ended with a handshaking event for the fans and showed their thankfulness.

The BOSS is planning to have lots of activities in Japan.

Source: Sports Chosun
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