[NEWS] 4minute's Kwon Sohyun, to TEEN TOP's L.Joe "Will you be my boyfriend?" Confession

4minute's Kwon Sohyun revealed a photo from TEEN TOP's new MV shooting venue. She's the female main character for TEEN TOP's 2nd mini-album 'I'm Going Crazy' MV.

She uploaded a photo on 29th with a caption, "TEEN TOP's teaser is out. It's my first time, other than my works with 4minute. Look forward to it ^^ Ah! The photo that I uploaded yesterday was from TEEN TOP's MV shooting venue. One more photo."

Kwon Sohyun uploaded a photo on 27th with a caption, "Will you be my boyfriend?" Netizen was curious about the meaning of the photo. Turns our it was a couple photo from TEEN TOP's MV.

In the photo, we can see Sohyun wearing a knit with cute patterns, while listening to music through headphones and leaning against the wall.

In the other photo, we can see her wearing a one-piece while gathering both her hands, and smiling shyly. Beside her, TEEN TOP's L.Joe was sitting while looking at the ground with his hand in the pocket.

Netizens who saw the on-venue photos showed some reactions like, "Sohyun is not only pretty, she is also acting now.", "I thought it was her real boyfriend, so it was TEEN TOP?", "Maknae Sohyun, fighting for your acting too."

Source : The Star Chosun
translation by dianapetrina@6teensontop.com