[News] 2PM Nichkhun shows his charms for Japanese magazine

2PM member Nichkhun shed his beastly grown-up image and gave off his charming cuteness.

Recently, Nichkhun has appeared smiling on the cover of the January issue of the Japanese women's magazine "Fine". In the cover, he appeared without his fellow 2PM members, and the fact that he was picked as a solo cover model draws attention.

In the interview with the magazine, Nichkhun said, "Because of my job, I’m always so busy, so I like women who are very understanding." revealing his ideal type. He also drew attention revealing, "I dream of a romantic Christmas date in which we can go skating and kiss."

Nichkhun recently appeared in a minor role for the film "Ouran High School Host Club", which deemed him to be a potential actor in Japan.

On November 29th, Nichkhun made a surprise appearance at the Tower Records location in Shibuya, Tokyo along with fellow 2PM members, making the fans go wild.

Meanwhile, 2PM released their first full-length Japanese album "Republic of 2PM" on November 30th, and will be holding a fan event to celebrate the group's one year anniversary since their official debut in Japan.

Source: enewsworld
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net