[MISC] Bean Pole's "G-Dragon Style Book" Translation (1/3)

I can’t decide whether BIGBANG was here first or G-dragon was; the feeling is like whether there was chicken before egg? With BIGBANG came my solo, with the members came the group, BIGBANG. I never really thought about it in this aspect before.

Remember back in the days: GD SAYS……..MY MUSIC
I think an album is like a diary. You will be able to feel that when you listen to it again in a few years, ‘Ah…so I had that way of thinking and that energy when I was at that age..” With that being said, there are special meanings about all the albums to me. Even though lots of time and energy are taken to produce an album, but when I listen to it after awhile, it feels shy and immature. The feeling that I don’t understand anything but I keep spurting out energy? Producing albums need practice and I think I need more of that.
I also want to produce my music that I can consider my own. Hip-hop is what I started with but I’m always trying new styles, new genres and combining them together. I think superb music has already appeared and now I have to use that and create something that I can call my own. The funny thing is that it’s impossible to create a good song if I go along with what people consider a hit song or popular song. Rather, a good and popular song is created when we sip some wine or play some games. We get our inspiration through that and use our memories to create a popular song.

I usually don’t care what people say about me and so I need to work harder. Even though people say lots of things about BIGBANG, but if I were to care about each and every single opinion, then BIGBANG or I wouldn’t be where we are today. I want to have my own line of thought towards everything I do and stick with my beliefs. It is like that with style - even though the way BIGBANG dressed in the beginning became part of people’s jokes but because of our confidence and the way we pull off our styles, people started to accept it. That’s what I would like to continue to do in the future.

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Translation: jwalkervip @tumblr.com