[Interview] Taeyang; "GD My Lifetime Friend"

Taeyang spoke about his infinite trust to his band mates.

Taeyang recently met with Star News and explained that "This year many things happened to us, and thanks to it we're only getting closer to each other"

Here Taeyang also tell a story about his childhood pal G-Dragon who has been spending time with him in YG Entertainment since elementary school.

Taeyang said, "As a friend I feel sorry for things happened to Jiyong," and continues, "But Jiyong will always be a someone more than a family to me." He also said, "Even if something worse than this (problem) happened, I couldn't let Jiyong's hands just like that. Same thing goes for Jiyong too. For me, Jiyong is a friend for a lifetime," he emphasized.

Taeyang spoke for the first time about the misunderstood happened in the internet because of the tweet he posted regarding to G-Dragon's scandal.
Taeyang posted tweets saying "Even if I looked like I don't know, I know everything" and "If I looked like I'm being deceived, it's because I only close my eyes"

Taeyang said, "Actually those tweets have nothing to do with Jiyong. I wrote down my thoughts regarding thing happened in the world," and continued, "I'm feel terrible after receiving such misunderstanding,"

He also expressed about his trust to the rest of the band mates; TOP, Daesung and Seungri.

Taeyang explained, "Even until now Bigbang still doing dorm life. Just like a family, even if we don't speak so much things we already understand what other means,"

He continues, "During our hiatus period all of the members are gathering up to work on our songs. We already prepared some new songs for Bigbang and currently we're in the middle of producing the new album."

He also told us about Bigbang's plans for their activity in 2012.

"We always held annual concert called 'BIGSHOW' every year. And we'll be holding the next concert in March 2012. We're also planning to release Bigbang new album around that time," he said.

He also said, "In 2012 we're going to repay our fans who have faith in us with lively activities and good music," with a smile he also added, "Of course my solo album that I've been working on currently will going to be released also."

Source: star.mt.co.kr
Translation by: Winalicious@BigBangVIP.net