[INTERVIEW] Shinhwa's Andy on Love JK - Talk about TEEN TOP

MC: Actually, when Andy was serving for the military, we took really good care of Teen Top. We often go to Korea to take care of the boys. Meeting them, having interviews. We often promote their songs!
I even learned dancing from them! No More Perfume On You. (CAPS: NOT THAT. IT’S CLAP!)
Andy: Was it simple?
MC: I find it really hard. (CAPS: Probably all their songs are hard for you!) I find all the members of Teen Top are really good.
Andy: The things that we can’t do, because Teen Top are eager and willing to challenge so they have such choreography.
MC: That’s right. Actually, I find Andy is quite diligently towards training the new generation. Do you have any different or special thoughts towards this career?
Andy: Since you, my dream was to perform on stage. So after ageing, I see lots of talents in my juniors. There are lots of these talented people, so we organized an audition. The dances that were never performed by Shinhwa, now letting Teen Top to show it. Like this, we request them to perform these type of performances.
After seeing them rehearse, I’ve also went to watch their performances, they look exactly like how we were when we debuted. Still having the rookie feel, they should gain more experience. But it seems like the timing opportunity isn’t much good, it wasn’t easy having the chance the perform, not being able to be in the public’s eye often, not much skilled in performing yet.
Now, even if I don’t point it out, they know how to take care of themselves because they love the stage so much, and I’m very pleased about that.

Source : beastbeatsji@tumblr