[INT] Unit 'Troublemaker' Hyuna·Hyunseung "we're awkward at first" @doublev89 @4m_hyunah

4Minute Hyuna and Beast Jang Hyunseung done well with their activities. They named themselves 'Troublemaker'. But they are anything but leaving their both respective groups. They're bringing the atmosphere of "jaw-dropping with the nice feel on stage".

'Troublemaker', Hyuna and Jang Hyunseung, we meet up at Yeongdeungpo-gu, Yeoido, Seoul at 2PM. The first question asked was about their kiss performance during MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award) 2011 on the previous 29th. At that time, the provocative act of the fiery kiss between Hyuna and Hyunseung, amazed everyone.

Hyunseung·Hyuna own side of story behind the kiss

During that scene, APink who watched the stage said to interview, "We were shocked too as we never expected it" "Hyuna unnie was really shy when she came down from the stage and Hyunseung oppa is like 'well, I did it'".

Particularly, Hyuna was feeling rather bold, "ever since rehearsal, I was already trembling with nervousness and my hands were sweating" "But I tremble more after the debut stage" she recalls. Jang Hyunseung said "Falling on stage could be one of the accidental situation" "It felt like a burden but when the stage ended, the other Beast members told me that I was 'cool'".

Since the beginning, both of them looked perfect that their breath didn't appear sluggish (worked perfectly together). Even though they're from the same agency and are colleagues, this oppa, dongsaeng were often so awkward. Jang Hyunseung said "At first, it's not easy since we barely know each other personally" "I never realized that Hyuna likes to do aegyos a lot. On stage, she looks so original…".

"Practice bug Hyunseung oppa, the real celebrity".
The director from their agency, Cube Entertainmentm said that 'Troublemaker' is a 'mixed performance group that will give out a fresh feeling'. Hyuna has her own solo album, means in reality, Beast member, Jang Hyunseung is the actual highlight of the performance unit. Beast members have kept his personal activity in silence.

"While the other members have personal activities to do, I rather spend a lot of my time practicing. I don't know if I'm becoming an addict, but I felt like going back to my trainee days where I thought everything is just not enough. I spend around 12hours practicing at the studio. Sometimes, I feel restless if I don't practice."

Hyuna too acknowledged of him being a practice bug. Hyuna said "Hyunseung has a lot of greed on stage" "If you go to the studio in the early morning, you will meet Hyunseung oppa"

This mixed unit, Troublemaker, is doing well live with Hyuna's high key and Jang Hyunseung's stage presence.

Jang Hyunseung, what's behind this nickname, JS? "I'll reveal it on the day of my comeback"

Rather than the usual fashion, Jang Hyunseung with the stylists are together in search for their so many costumes. In this unit, he rather used the stage name 'JS'. He said "Originally, I want to use that name rather than my real name when Beast doing their activities," as for the meaning of it, Jang Hyunseung responded "On the day of my first stage, I will reveal it through Twitter".

These two people actually have much things in common like a liking towards pizzas but somewhere off the usual when their stares change when on stage. They also added that other than 'Troublemaker' there are other possible units like Beast Yang Yoseob, 4Minute Heo Gayoon. Both are their respective teams' main vocalists thus it will later show something different to look forward to.

"Please anticipate a lot for 'Troublemaker' from Beast Jang Hyunseung, 4Minute Hyuna. Rather than just a provocative and rapping in the song, I want to show you my best performance." (Hyuna)

On the 4th of SBS is the first stage for 'Troublemaker', on the 5th to London, England and on the 13th to Sao Paulo, Brazil for 'United Cube Concert'.