[INT] TEEN TOP Behind Photo Book Vol. I

TEEN TOP Behind Photo BOOK Vol. I Start Now!
Making of TEEN TOP 2010-2011
100 Questions

Height & Weight
C.A.P.: 178 cm / 65 kg
Niel: 177 cm / 55 kg

Ricky: 173 cm / 58 kg
L.Joe: 171 cm - I might still grow taller… ㅜ / 50 kg - I might still get heavier… ㅜ
Chunji: “private” / 54 kg
Changjo: 179, trying for 180 cm / 61 kg

C.A.P.: 0.4, 0.3
Niel: 2.0 2.0
Ricky: 1.0, 1.0?
L.Joe: it’s kind of bad… secret ㅜ
Chunji: 0.5, 1.0
Changjo: 0.4, 0.5

C.A.P.: no religion
Niel: Christian
Ricky: no religion
L.Joe: Christian
Chunji: no religion
Changjo: Buddhist

C.A.P.: just “Bang”
Niel: goby fish
Ricky: pig _ _
L.Joe: chick - bbyak bbyak (삐약삐약)
Chunji: fire monkey
Changjo: Jjung-pa (쭝파), a play on his name Jonghyun (?)

Favourite Fruit
C.A.P.: doesn’t really like fruit
Niel: melon, watermelon
Ricky: orange coloured fruits
L.Joe: watermelon
Chunji: everything but watermelon and other kinds of melons
Changjo: melon, pineapple, apples, pears, mikans (mandarin oranges), oranges

Favourite Food
C.A.P.: rice, kimchi
Niel: all kinds of meat!!
Ricky: Jeyuk boggam (제육볶암)
L.Joe: all meat dishes!
Chunji: Makchang (막창)
Changjo: he’s not picky about food

Favourite Season & Weather
C.A.P.: spring / dark and cool evenings
Niel: fall / breezy & cool weather
Ricky: spring & fall / cool weather
L.Joe: winter / rainy & snowy days
Chunji: winter / rainy days
Changjo: spring & fall / clear evenings, he likes it when it’s dark out

Favourite Colour
C.A.P.: black, white
Niel: red, black
Ricky: white
L.Joe: white, red, black
Chunji: black, white
Changjo: all (bright & dark)

Favourite Sport
C.A.P.: working out
Niel: soccer
Ricky: running
L.Joe: basketball
Chunji: basketball
Changjo: working out, any sport that works up a sweat

Favourite Number
C.A.P.: 4
Niel: 7
Ricky: 3
L.Joe: 11
Chunji: 1, 3, 5, 7
Changjo: 10, because you have 10 fingers!

Favourite Words
C.A.P.: “fun” (재밌다)
Niel: “love” (사랑) - ai, embarrasing…
Ricky: “handsome” (잘생겼다)
L.Joe: “belief” (믿음)
Chunji: “angel” (엔젤)
Changjo: “I love you” (사랑해)

Favourite Animal
C.A.P.: cats
Niel: puppies meongmeongmeongmeongmeong (멍멍)
Ricky: puppies, because they’re cute
L.Joe: puppies
Chunji: humans, especially girls
Changjo: penguins! cats! puppies!

What kind of food do you have confidence in cooking?
C.A.P.: ramyeon
Niel: ramyeon
Ricky: honestly… nothing
L.Joe: fried eggs
Chunji: anything
Changjo: omu-rice, jeyukboggam (제육볶암), boggam ramyeon

What was your happiest moment?
C.A.P.: when we debuted
Niel: when we debuted
Ricky: maybe it will be when we win 1st
L.Joe: the day we got our first album
Chunji: when we debuted
Changjo: when we chose the name “Angel” for our fanclub - bbabam!

What was your most difficult moment?
C.A.P.: junior high and high school
Niel: when ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ we are ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ practising ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Ricky: when we put our coordinated dances together
L.Joe: practise, always
Chunji: practise
Changjo: secret secret secret!!!

What was your most regrettable moment?
C.A.P.: junior high and high school
Niel: secret!!!!
Ricky: when he had the wrong food(?)
L.Joe: (not) drinking lots of milk in the past…
Chunji: it’s a secret I can’t talk about ㅋㅋ
Changjo: secret!

What was your saddest moment?
C.A.P.: when my mom whispered(?) to me - the details are a secret
Niel: secret!!!
Ricky: when my family is sick, or when I watch a mellow movie
L.Joe: when the first puppy I raised went to heaven
Chunji: it’s a secret I can’t talk about ㅋㅋ
Changjo: when my choreography was pointed out (? I think he means like he made a mistake) - and it was by my friend Ricky!

What was your most memorable trip?
C.A.P.: I don’t remember have gone on any long-distance trips
Niel: the trips I’ve gone on in my dreams ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ricky: when on vacation
L.Joe: to Jejudo with his mother, grandfather and older brother
Chunji: didn’t travel…
Changjo: to Jejudo with family… we went when I was a baby!!^^

What did you get in the most trouble(?) with your parents about?
C.A.P.: secret
Niel: secret!!!!
Ricky: lying
L.Joe: in kindergarten he brought home things that weren’t his
Chunji: nothing ^^
Changjo: he often lost things when he was little
(different question for C.A.P. only) When was the first time you drank alcohol?
C.A.P.: his grandfather gave him some when he was in elementary school.

What age do you want to go back to?
C.A.P.: 1st year of junior high school
Niel: 14. he had the most fun with his friends then
Ricky: 16
L.Joe: 7… I’d drink milk!!
Chunji: 6th grade of elementary school
Changjo: I want to turn 20 ; ;

Recommended place to travel to:
C.A.P.: a quiet nearby park
Niel: I’ll tell you after I travel the world!
Ricky: amusement park
L.Joe: Oregon, it’s a place I lived in America… it’s really beautiful
Chunji: my house!
Changjo: Salt desert!!!(?) But I don’t know…

What is your cell phone background screen?
C.A.P.: black
Niel: Nam Sangmi ㅋㅋㅋㅋ what should I do, embarrasing
Ricky: Ricky
L.Joe: it’s just a calendar
Chunji: Wonder Girls
Changjo: me?? ((I can’t understand the rest of his answer sorry))

What is your cell phone ring tone?
C.A.P.: it’s on the system pre-set ring tone
Niel: I like to listen to CCM(?)
Ricky: interesting ones(?)
L.Joe: the pre-set…
Chunji: the latest pop song
Changjo: “I’ll Be There” by my beloved Taeyang sunbae-nim ^^

How much do you talk on the phone in one day?
C.A.P.: up to 10 minutes
Niel: 1 minute ㅋㅋ who would I talk to hahahaha
Ricky: 10 minutes…?
L.Joe: 5-10 minutes, with mother & grandfather, sometimes with older brother
Chunji: 5 minutes.
Changjo: he has talked on the phone for 5 hours before. He prefers voice to text messages

(different question for C.A.P. only) What is your habit?
C.A.P.: shaking my legs

What do you do or think before you go on stage?
Niel: What are my lyrics again?
Ricky: let’s do a fun performance again today
L.Joe: get nervous
Chunji: drink water, clear(?) throat
Changjo: tremble(?) “Another perfect performance today!!”

Most Treasured Things
C.A.P.: mom
Niel: family
Ricky: family
L.Joe: Teen Top’s 1st (debut) single
Chunji: family
Changjo: family, Clap single album

How many hours do you sleep?
C.A.P.: 6 hours
Niel: it’s always different ~ ~
Ricky: 7 hours?
L.Joe: 7-8 hours
Chunji: it’s always different ^^
Changjo: 6-8 hours?

What do you like singing at noraebang?
C.A.P.: I don’t like noraebang, so I don’t go
Niel: I don’t go to noraebang
Ricky: 말달리자 ((Teen Top covered this song before))
L.Joe: Epic High sunbaenims and trot
Chunji: there are too many ㅜ
Changjo: hasn’t even been 10 times

What’s your sleep habit?
C.A.P.: I quietly snore through my nose
Niel: I sleep like a shrimp, but I’m not a shrimp ㅋㅋ
Ricky: my head goes the other way
L.Joe: I kick(?)
Chunji: I’m a peaceful sleeper
Changjo: I hit… but not any more

(different question for C.A.P. only) What is your drinking habit?
C.A.P.: I don’t have one

What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island?
Niel: helicopter, fuel, girlfriend kyakyakya (캬캬캬)
Ricky: 10000000(etc.) pigs, 10000000(etc.) haetban((햇반 - a kind of instant rice- thank you so much to jinahya on tumblr for the info!)), 1000000(etc.) bottles of water
L.Joe: boat, oil, food
Chunji: water, food, girlfriend
Changjo: sun cap, sunglasses, lunch box

What are you into lately?
C.A.P.: books which are a little more abstract
Niel: just the clothes I wear? I don’t really know
Ricky: love ㅋㅋ
L.Joe: composition, writing lyrics, taking photos
Chunji: Wonder Girls
Changjo: Wonder Girls!!! hehe 히히

Your Personality
C.A.P.: I’m a coward
Niel: I’m kind but pessimistic, and in front of girls I’m more pessimistic ㅠㅠ
Ricky: cheerful, kind, a pure kid who doesn’t know anything
L.Joe: I’m totally kind please believe me keke
Chunji: active
Changjo: manly, cheerful & cool

Favourite movie genres
C.A.P.: action (since I’m a guy)
Niel: comedy, melodrama - that’s the truth!
Ricky: action, melodrama
L.Joe: melodrama action horror comedy
Chunji: melodrama
Changjo: action!!!! horror!!!!!!

The first song I sang
Niel: classical?
Ricky: a carol
L.Joe: the national anthem
Chunji: Baby Baby (my first audition song)
Changjo: lullaby

Your First Love
C.A.P.: first year of high school
Niel: ha…. as for my first love… are you interested? hoo…..
Ricky: I had one…!!!
L.Joe: I want it to be an Angel…
Chunji: high school
Changjo: hmm… secret

Ideal Type
C.A.P.: somebody who can take care of themselves, is very individualistic and is kind
Niel: Nam Sangmi noona (somebody cute and who will take good care of me) I can’t talk to girls
Ricky: a bright and cute girl whose fresh face is pretty
L.Joe: A cute lady with lots of aegyo (she needs to be pretty without makeup too keke)
Chunji: somebody who’s good at singing ♥
Changjo: who is that on the background of my handphone?

Number of times you’ve been confessed to
C.A.P.: no memory comes to mind
Niel: 16
Ricky: hmm… none .bb
L.Joe: quite a number of times
Chunji: it’s embarrassing ^^
Changjo: if I were to say it my mouth would hurt because there are too many!!

Have you confessed to somebody?
C.A.P.: no memory comes to mind
Niel: 3 times ah why did you ask that, that’s so embarrassing
Ricky: I’m pretty shy, so I couldn’t work up the courage
L.Joe: once
Chunji: 3 times?
Changjo: not really…

Have you been attracted to somebody at first sight?
C.A.P.: no
Niel: 1 time, really!!!
Ricky: it happened!!!
L.Joe: once
Chunji: 1 time?
Changjo: when I changed the background of my handphone…hehe

When you see somebody of the opposite bang, what part of them do
you look at first?
C.A.P.: body line
Niel: whether they truly like me, from the heart!!
Ricky: personality and their looks
L.Joe: eyes
Chunji: heart…?
Changjo: eyes? I don’t know why but I get this rush of emotions

What if the person you are in love with falls in love with your
best friend?
C.A.P.: it’s no good no matter what you do
Niel: I’d probably let them go haha I’d cry after
Ricky: I’d want to steal them away, but knowing my personality I probably wouldn’t be able to do it
L.Joe: I think my heart will ache
Chunji: I’d be sad but I’d let them go …
Changjo: I’ll make the first move!!! telling her that I like her… hehe

Love vs. Friendship
C.A.P.: I choose both
Niel: love!!
Ricky: between love and friendship…. uwah! love !!
L.Joe: love
Chunji: on the weekends, love. on weekdays, friendship
Changjo: friendship is friendship, love is love!! it’s the same as asking whether you like your mom more or you dad more!! are you kidding me

Older vs. Younger vs. Same-Age
C.A.P.: I don’t pay that much attention to age
Niel: older older older older older
Ricky: same age
L.Joe: all three
Chunji: older ♥
Changjo: same age NONONONONO

Up to what age difference?
C.A.P.: age is just a number
Niel: 7 years
Ricky: 4 years
L.Joe: up to 10 years
Chunji: 10 years
Changjo: age doesn’t matter! if I really love her, age is nothing

At what age do you want to get married?
C.A.P.: I don’t want to get married
Niel: 25-30
Ricky: at 30
L.Joe: 35
Chunji: 30!!!
Changjo: mid to late 20’s

What place do you want to go to for your honeymoon?
C.A.P.: I’m not getting married
Niel: I want to go to Guam!!
Ricky: honestly, just being with my wife would make me happy so anywhere is okay!!
L.Joe: Singapore
Chunji: Vancouver
Changjo: I’ll definitely go where my wife wants to go!!

How would you propose?
C.A.P.: I’m not getting married
Niel: it’s secret, this is something I’ll only let my girl know ㅋㅋ
Ricky: whoah… with a quick kiss!!
L.Joe: secret
Chunji: I’d probably figure that out once I get a girlfriend…
Changjo: I’ll be really filled with emotions… I think I’ll cry if she accepts my proposal!!

How many kids do you want after marriage?
C.A.P.: I’m not getting married
Niel: 3-4 ㅎㅎ
Ricky: 3
L.Joe: 2!
Chunji: 3 kids, I also want to adopt
Changjo: 2!!

After getting married, what kind of husband do you want to be?
C.A.P.: there is no after getting married
Niel: I’d be a husband who takes good care of his wife and children
Ricky: I’d be a husband just like in a drama who cleans, cooks and brings (everybody) happiness
L.Joe: I’ll only show that to my wife!
Chunji: the husband my future wife wants
Changjo: I’ll wake up in the morning and cook!! a husband with aegyo!! ㅋㅋ

Son vs. Daughter
C.A.P.: son
Niel: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ daughter ~~
Ricky: daughter, because my wife might get lonely when visiting a public bath
L.Joe: son or daughter… I think both are loveable
Chunji: that’s really difficult ㅜ
Changjo: I can’t give up on any, I want both definitely

What do you most want to receive from the person you love?
C.A.P.: love
Niel: ~~love~~
Ricky: an honest heart
L.Joe: trust
Chunji: love
Changjo: I’ll be touched even if it’s a small thing!!

What do you most want to give the person you love?
C.A.P.: love
Niel: love!!!
Ricky: really, anything
L.Joe: love
Chunji: love
Changjo: I want to give her my everything!!!!

What if your parents were opposed to the wedding?
C.A.P.: it seems like they might be opposed to my not getting married…
Niel: even if so I’d probably get married because it’s love~~
Ricky: it would be no good, I’d still get married
L.Joe: I’ll go against the wishes of my parents
Chunji: run off (together) ^^
Changjo: if I really love her and can’t give her up!! I’ll get married secretly

Your ideal wedding
C.A.P.: peacefully solo..
Niel: really big, I want to give my future wife a gift she’ll never forget ㅎㅎ
Ricky: call the people I know and make it an unforgettable event
L.Joe: secret~
Chunji: I want to have an ordinary wedding
Changjo: an ordinary and peaceful setting

What facial feature do you have confidence in?
C.A.P.: mouth, jaw
Niel: there isn’t anything ㅎㅎㅎ
Ricky: eyes
L.Joe: eyes
Chunji: there are many ^^ you have to ask me about the part I’m not confident about
Changjo: eyes!! my manly eyes without double lids ㅋㅋ

What subject do you have confidence in?
C.A.P.: art
Niel: P.E.
Ricky: math
L.Joe: English
Chunji: Korean history
Changjo: English!!!!!

What sport do you have confidence in?
C.A.P.: working out
Niel: soccer ㅋㅋㅋ
Ricky: running
L.Joe: basketball
Chunji: running
Changjo: suspending in mid-air hehe

What musical instruments can you play?
C.A.P.: none
Niel: ㅋㅋ none I want to learn
Ricky: drum… triangle, snare drum
L.Joe: piano, violin
Chunji: tamborine
Changjo: drums!!!! now…

What thing do you want to have?
C.A.P.: hats, clothes, shoes, accessories (the more I have the more I want)
Niel: a girlfriend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ricky: camera
L.Joe: the best camera in the world
Chunji: girlfriend
Changjo: everything except food

Your source of trouble
C.A.P.: I haven’t grown taller since the 2nd year of junior high school
L.Joe: I wish I were taller

What are you interested in lately?
Niel: swimming
Ricky: taking pictures

Your recent source of trouble
Chunji: loneliness

What food do you want to eat?
Changjo: Guamegi!!!! Cockles!!!!

What do you want to try doing?
C.A.P.: writing lyrics, DJing, travelling
Niel: travel around the world with the person I love ㅎ
Ricky: French kiss
L.Joe: TEEN TOP concert!!! starting with Korea and then a world tour!!!
Chunji: travel with a girlfriend
Changjo: if I have a lot of lives I want to jump from somewhere high

What do you want to learn?
C.A.P.: writing lyrics, DJing
Niel: English ㅎㅎ
Ricky: barista
L.Joe: guitar
Chunji: piano
Changjo: any lesson from Taeyang sunbaenim!!!

What instrument do you want to learn to play?
C.A.P.: there’s nothing
Niel: guitar
Ricky: piano
L.Joe: guitar
Chunji: tamborine
Changjo: piano

Your charm point
C.A.P.: unpredictable and the reverse (of what you’d expect)
Niel: smile, lips ㅎ
Ricky: I’m overflowing with them
L.Joe: aegyo
Chunji: I’m skilled
Changjo: manly mannerisms

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you want to do today?
C.A.P.: I’d die peacefully
Niel: be with the person I love~~ spend a happy time with my family and die
Ricky: secret, secret!!
L.Joe: leave a video message to my fans, and I’ll be still with my family
Chunji: it’s a secret that I can’t talk about
Changjo: secret…

If you were to become invisible?
C.A.P.: I’d be alone so I think I’d be sad
Niel: I’d defeat the bad guy ㅎㅎ
Ricky: I’d destroy the city
L.Joe: female high school!!!!!
Chunji: I probably wouldn’t go to a women’s bath house or somewhere like that ㅋㅋ
Changjo: all of you will die!!!! muhamuha

If you were to go in a time machine?
C.A.P.: five years in the future
Niel: I wouldn’t go in something like that
Ricky: I’d go 30 years in the future
L.Joe: I want to see how I’m living 30 years later
Chunji: I’d go to the future and find out what I am like then
Changjo: I’d go to the Joseon dynasty!!!!!!

What if you woke up and you were a girl?
C.A.P.: I’ll face the reality and enjoy it
Niel: kekeke hehehe heuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheu
Ricky: what would I do..?? ㅋㅋㅋ
L.Joe: I’ll be a female idol now!!!!
Chunji: I’d take a shower
Changjo: I’d be really shocked!! I’ll change my clothes~ hmmm

What if you encountered an alien?
C.A.P.: I would walk away
Niel: “annyeong!” (hello!)
Ricky: I’d ride in the UFO with them
L.Joe: I’ll take a selca with it and upload it on twitter
Chunji: I’d ask them to take me with them too
Changjo: wow!! how interesting! must ask it to hang out with me!! we’ll become friends!!

If it were to snow on Christmas?
C.A.P.: I’d be depressed
Niel: that’s “White Christmas”, don’t you know that?
Ricky: if I had a girlfriend I’d kiss her
L.Joe: it’ll be really good
Chunji: sounds sad… I’m lonely …
Changjo: there’ll be a traffic jam??

If you were to have plastic surgery?
C.A.P.: I want to make the shape of my face more distinct
Niel: I’m not doing it ㅋㅋ
Ricky: I’m satisfied with how I am now and I don’t like things that hurt
L.Joe: instead of plastic surgery… I’d rather have height enhancement surgery
Chunji: I don’t want to have it
Changjo: I’m satisfied with my face…. if not a little (will do) hehe ^^

If you had a magic lamp?
C.A.P.: give me the whole world
Niel: it will grant my wish ㅎㅎ
Ricky: only I could use it
L.Joe: please let me grow taller
Chunji: I’d wish for a girlfriend!
Changjo: I’ll ask for 3 more wishes!! he has to grant me it because it’s a wish

If you were to win the lottery?
C.A.P.: I’d pretend nothing had happened and live normally
Niel: I’d have to go travel the world ㅎ
Ricky: that would be really great
L.Joe: yahoo!!!!!!
Chunji: I’d give half to my mother and father and raise up Korea
Changjo: I’ll live quietly for a few months and I’ll not even tell my parents about it!!

If you were to be born again?
C.A.P.: I’d become the wind (so I could go anywhere)
Niel: I’d become a bird he I would be really free
Ricky: I’d be the most beautiful person in the world
L.Joe: I’d be born as a man and I’d drink lots of milk
Chunji: Bill Gates’ son
Changjo: I want to be a diamond!!!

What do you do before going to sleep?
C.A.P.: turn off the light
Niel: look at a web-toon on the computer ㅎㅎ
Ricky: I wash up
L.Joe: call my parents
Chunji: cell phone text messages ^^
Changjo: I drink water

When do you dislike yourself the most?
C.A.P.: when I lose my mind

What is the downside of being a guy, or being a girl?
Niel: I wonder
L.Joe: I’m glad to be a guy
Chunji: being a guy is good!!!

What’s your source of trouble?
Ricky: gaining weight
Changjo: lately… I’m lonely!!!

When do you think you’re the most good-looking?
C.A.P.: right! when I put my jeans on after showering
Niel: I’m not good looking ㅋ
Ricky: when I have make-up on
L.Joe: when I look tall
Chunji: on stage
Changjo: all the time

What’s your personal know-how on how to wake up when you’re sleepy?
C.A.P.: I can’t come back if I fall asleep
Niel: I wash my face
Ricky: I nap for just 5 minutes and then wake up
L.Joe: I don’t have any… when I’m sleepy I have to sleep of course
Chunji: listen to music?
Changjo: I keep awake very well

What do you want to shout out in an empty playing field?
C.A.P.: it’s hard for me to yell
Niel: Bbi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ricky: Ack
L.Joe: I am L.Joe!!!!!
Chunji: I love you

What do you want to do most right now?
C.A.P.: I want to go to a movie theater where there’s nobody and watch a movie by myself.
Niel: travel~~
Ricky: love
L.Joe: it’s time for bed now… I want to sleep
Chunji: go on a date with a girlfriend
Changjo: but I’m doing 100 Q & A’s now

What’s the scariest thing in the world?
C.A.P.: the sea
Niel: God ㅎㅎ
Ricky: ghosts, bugs
L.Joe: Gangster Joe
Chunji: there’s nothing so far
Changjo: high places

How old do you want to live until?
C.A.P.: 60 years old
Niel: just keep on living until then
Ricky: 100 years old
L.Joe: I want to live until I’m 60 years old~
Chunji: until I die
Changjo: of course I want to live as long as possible!

What kind of personality do you dislike?
C.A.P.: people who are conceited
Niel: people who gossip a lot
Ricky: flirtatious/sly
L.Joe: I really hate selfish personalities…
Chunji: cowards
Changjo: forceful!! you know that kind

The strong and weak points of your personality
C.A.P.: I’m a coward… I’m a coward…
Niel: if somebody likes me, I give them everything
Ricky: I can’t talk with people the first time I see them (weak point)
L.Joe: I’m kind but sometimes I lose my temper
Chunji: because I’m straightforward, I’ve hurt other people many times ㅜ
Changjo: I’m lively!! hmm… I’m humourous too!! bad points… when I’m enjoying and then suddenly! ㅋㅋ

The person you respect
C.A.P.: my mother
Niel: Michael Jackson
Ricky: my father, mother, and older brother
L.Joe: my parents
Chunji: my father and mother
Changjo: my parents

Your precious person
C.A.P.: my mother
Niel: my family members
Ricky: my family
L.Joe: my parents
Chunji: Angels ^^
Changjo: my parents

The person you are thankful to
C.A.P.: my mother
Niel: my parents
Ricky: all the people I know
L.Joe: thank you president for letting me debut as L.Joe
Chunji: our noonas at the company
Changjo: my parents

The person you (say you) are sorry to
C.A.P.: my mother
Niel: I haven’t done anything yet to be sorry for
Ricky: all the people I know
L.Joe: I’m sorry president for disappointing you sometimes
Chunji: secret!
Changjo: my parents!! as much as I’m sorry!! after I succeed I’ll give you all the luxury!!!

In 10 years, you will be…
C.A.P.: 29 years old, one month from turning 30
Niel: I’ll have become a handsome father
Ricky: a big star?
L.Joe: wouldn’t I be acting then? and… I’ll compose in my spare time and for our boys and C.A.P hyung I’ll write good songs… for them right!!
Chunji: I’ll have become rich
Changjo: I’ll be in my late 20’s! before my marriage…

The wish you absolutely want to come true
C.A.P.: to have a convenience store in front of my house and a gym in my neighbourhood, and live my life writing song lyrics in my house
Niel: to travel~~
Ricky: for the time when Teen Top stands on the top
L.Joe: even when standing at the top, that the 6 of us won’t change
Chunji: get a girlfriend before Christmas
Changjo: this is a secret!!!!

Your motto
C.A.P.: let’s live happily
Niel: let’s not lose our original dreams, let’s become people who are like sunflowers~~
Ricky: there’s nothing bad
L.Joe: endure for 3 times
Chunji: let’s not give up, let’s not become conceited
Changjo: there’s no giving up

What’s your goal in life?
C.A.P.: to make what I wish for come true
Niel: to travel
Ricky: goals don’t stay the same forever, so I want to always improve
L.Joe: writing over 100 songs and filming over 10 movies
Chunji: to stand on the top as Teen Top!
Changjo: of course to do well!!!

What do you want to say to the people who are reading this?
C.A.P.: I am Bang Minsoo & CAP
Niel: Hello, how are you doing? hehe this has been ~~ an inner part of Nielie’s heart
Ricky: I’m Ricky!! Please give me lots of love ㅋㅋ
L.Joe: thanks for reading this… rest and close your eyes
Chunji: I love you ^^
Changjo: thanks for reading it!!! who am I Changjo!!

In closing, what would you like to say?
C.A.P.: my answers to these 100 questions were really insufficient, weren’t they
Niel: let’s become people who are like sunflowers~~
Ricky: thank you for reading this!!!! hahahaha
L.Joe: I love you~
Chunji: half of this was serious and half of this was messing around ^^
Changjo: everybody who is reading this are people whom I love! thank you for reading it!

Translation by babyspaceangels & oursupaluv with assistance from bosung@tumblr