[Info] Using the study of names to understand the idols’ future!

Because of Super Junior’s Shindong’s fun image, he nearly became “Udon”, because of Junjin’s strong 
image he nearly became “Lee Gigo (I want to win)”. On the 13th on Strong Heart, SM Entertainment’s 
method of naming was revealed. Ahn Chilhyun became “Kangta”, Jung Pilkyo became “Shin Hyesung”; 
these had a great effect in changing their image. Hence the unstylish original names resulted in the rise of 
“Idols’ stage names” with H.O.T as the start.  It’s past the time of 4 syllabus names such as “Micky 
Yoochun, Xiah Junsu”, now there’s a new way of naming to give a strong first impression. With the influx of 
idols and their unique names, <10 Asia> will look into 7 of them and analyse them from the point of view of 
the study of names and look into the future of the idols. But of course, you don’t necessarily have to believe 


1)      Origin 
Chunji being “the voice that shakes the heavens and the earth”, TEEN TOP’s (Teenz on Top means being 
on top as teens or can be interpreted as their determination to stand on top as people in their 10s) 
choreography as personally created by Changjo [To create]. When you add the 2 names together, it means 
creation of the voice that shakes the heavens and the earth and choreography; it is the meeting of powerful 
vocals and outstanding dance. 

2)      Explanation 
Chunji Changjo: 24 strokes (Korean words 천지창조) – (Rise on search charts)  
Just like a lock and key, a thread and needle, it’s a name where they have to be together for them to shine 
more brightly. The two cannot be satisfied with what they have currently, they need to continue to work 
towards greater heights. If they work in harmony to complement each other by filling each other’ 
s weaknesses, the heavens (Chunji) will be stirred up allowing for the creation (Changjo) of a new history. 
Eventually it’ll be smooth sail with honour and fortune. 

3)      Advice 
If they have a place of miraculous energy as base for their activities, they’ll have a bright future ahead. Also 
, they are suitable be it Christian broadcasts or Catholic broadcasts, it is worth considering sampling or 
remaking hymms.* 

(This sentence in the article was confusing as well so please do not take offence in any way) 
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