[Info] JYJ will hold a Charity Event in Japan!

T/N: This ad was on Nikkei (the largest financial newspaper in Japan) evening paper of Dec 22.

1st Anniversary for the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake
Charity Party

JYJ (Junsu, Jeajoong, Yoochun) 

March 21 (Wed), 2012 Afternoon
Venue: A hotel in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Price: 50000yen~ (tax inclusive) (T/N: approx USD 640~) 

*The lunch time will be 13:00-14:30. You could select between French cuisine (sitting in a round table) or buffet-style.
* The seat for the show time will be first-come first-served basis (the first-comers will sit near the stage), and for those who selected buffet-style will by standing seats.
* The profits will be used for concerts in the disaster stricken area, and for the children’s baseball tournaments between the disaster stricken areas and other places.

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Credits: Nikkei Evening Paper & seielen@twitter