[Info] 20111209 (18:10 KST) Music Bank Setlist!

[20111209 (18:10 KST) Music Bank Setlist] WonderGirls, IU, Trouble Maker, Noel and more!

Let's Go Together 2 - Ryuki
Bounce - New F.O
My Heart - BoM
I like it - Chocolat
Gee! - WINK
Dangerous - X-5
One person - Oh Yunhye
My My - APink
Gold Fish - Krispy Krunch & ShiHyun
Rocket Power - Lee JiHye
I'll be there - Boyfriend
Even the Edge of Clothes - M Signal
Pop Pop Pop - Rania
Message - My Name
The Christmas Time - Park KiYoung
Window - Trax
Ma Boy2 - Electro Boys
Cry Cry - T-ARA
Did you forget - Yurisangja
Oh my gosh - Seo InYoung
Burning Friday – Dynamic Duo
Sales King - Norajo
Words that I don't wanna hear + Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker
I miss you I miss you - Noel
You and I - IU
Be my Baby - Wonder Girls

You gotta watch this live! Dont miss today's MuBank!

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