[FanCafe] Bora's Special Christmas Message!

Girl group Sistar left their fans a Christmas message, but their rapper Bora seems not contented and left a special message for the lucky fans. 'Lucky fans'? If you're curious what's with that 'lucky fans' then you have to read her message below.

 ”Everyone~ Merry Christmas! In 2011, have a won~derful hap~py Christmas~ In 2012, SISTAR will do the best and I hope you can be happy while watching SISTAR~ <3 BYE!!!” One of lucky fans who attends Music Core this week can get this letter!"

You now have an idea why 'lucky fans'. If you want this message then you gotta watch the Music Core live.

Credit: Sistar Official Fan Cafe & @WORLD_SISTAR

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net