[Eng Summary ]2PM Section TV - Mr.Pizza CF

We meet the beastly idols 2PM, who have ventured into the cute image. The enjoyable party with 2PM.
Meeting takes place at a studio in Gyeonggi-do, with lots of pizza.
They listen to the director's commands and feed each other pizza, with special facial expressions.
PD: What expression is necessary for pizza to look even more delicious?
Khun: First of, you have to open your eyes wide.
Even though Taecyeon opens his eyes wide, he ends up laughing with embarrassment.
PD: Is there any other shooting?
Wooyoung: Party atmosphere.
While dancing Khun says "MBC" which is the Section TV's broadcasting station.
During the band filming part the Director seems to be more exhilarated than 2PM.
During interview Junsu says that they came back to Korea just yesterday having had a concert in Singapore.
Junho says that during November they must've spend only around 4 days in Korea total.
Q: What do you miss the most?
Junho:The fans who are waiting for us.
2PM Brain map.
Fan - Junsu says that if you compare their fans from all countries, apart from the fact that they speak different languages, their love towards 2PM is the same (=same heart).That's right HOTTEST!
*everyone dies at the silly comment*
MC asks about Guerilla concert in Thailand.
2PM were really surprised to see that so many fans have gathered.
Wooyoung: We were really surprised, because contrary to what we have thought, so many fans arrived, two times more than expected.
Khun: And everyone was waving their Hands Up wearing white gloves.
They also talk about the boats donated by 2PM, and the overall donations for the flood victims in Thailand.
They hope that their donations will be helpful and they wish for the Thai people to stay strong.
Brain map - Kim Tae Hee
Taecyeon: We're starring together in a Japanese drama called "Boku to star no 99 nichi".
MC: Romance?
Taec: It would be great, but I have a role of her younger brother.
Junsu: How unfortunate..
Junho: Actually one day he came back bragging about how he got hugged by Kim Taehee.
Chansung: Back then we stayed in one room. And that it felt like the look in his eyes became different. When I asked "What did you do today?", Taecyeonie-hyung was like, "Ah, today it was really hard, but it was good.."
Brain Map - JYP
Wooyoung: Stick it back.
Brain Map - Idol
MC: Wonder Girls' Sohee said she's 2PM's Moral Support.
Taecyeon: It's because she did the "Oppa, can I trust you?" part for Hands Up.
Junho: We actually were helped a lot because of that. So we do acknowledge that she's giving moral support.
MC: Seems like you talk a lot about girl groups.
Taec: We don't. We don't even have time to watch TV properly...
Junsu: But we still giving the best of our support.
All: To whom? o.o''
Junsu: *$(*&@$ Junior singers, Idol singers (*(*#&$(*%
Taecyeon: When we wrap up our Japanese activities, we will prepare a new Korean album and come back with fresh image, please look forward to it.
Eng summary by Egle @2pmalways