[CAFE] PLAYB2ST's DAILY OF B2ST - MBC Show! Music Core

This is BEAST fanclub manager.

Last week, Music Bank and also following with Music Core
BEAST as 6 member all together went up to put on a cool stage.

On stage, they were blowing with charisma like a storm, unlike
when they were in the waiting room, let's have a look at BEAST's always cute appearance~
  • v⦿_⦿v
  • Immediately taking out his handphone to take picture like a CF and not without it, Hyunseung-gun. Apparently, with the concept as a cool city man shot, you do not looked cold at all… ㅠㅡㅠ
  • Looking rich with the costume he's wearing, Junhyung-gun…kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
  • ㅇ_ㅇV
  • Given to as supports by fans, taking this picture by holding out the snack tong(?) (T/N: big container) , Kikwang-gun.
  • Wearing the pink blanket cutely, Dongwoon-gun.
  • Concentrating on playing the soccer game, these two members.
  • Recently, the weather has been really cold outside and BEAST members have been thinking
    Fans must have been waiting for a long time and Dongwoon-gun,
    in hoping that fans will stay warm a little, has prepared hotpacks!

    Since early morning, after arriving at the broadcast station and even before the start of their pre-recording
    Using his own money to buy the hotpacks, Dongwoon-gun even use cute stickers
    He pasted it with hard work. ^-^ Did you guys feel warmness?
  • The shot of authentication!
  • All of these hotpacks are ready to be given to the fans shot!
Thank you.