[CAFE] Merry Merry MerryMerry @helloimys

This is Yoseob.
The weather has gotten really cold ㅜㅜ..
It is the type of weather that makes you ponder and be scared before you end up opening the door.. keke
I just finished the schedule so I came into the dorm now!
800 days.. It passed 12AM so now it is 801 days haha
Before I thought oh it became 800 days..but now I changed my mind to oh it's been only 800 days haha
Because we still have a lot of days to spend together!

I'm tired so I'm thinking back and forth keke
It is Christmas!
With your girlfriend..boyfriend..or your close friends..or their parents..
Spend a fun and joyful time

A lot of you guys are worrying about the limited tweets I post..
I read all your mentions so send them to us~
And don't worry too much!

All the b2uties who love beast thank you…..Bye bye

CREDITS: http://cafe.daum.net/playb2st/GoIm/105 (SOURCE); YONGISM@B2ST RISING (TRANS)