[CAFE] Kikwang's Post - Wow~! @B2stGK

So exciting~~Lacha lacha ta ta(?)? keke (T/N: song reference; f(x) - LA chA TA)
Today I'm feeling really good
Please understand ^^ hehe
Today is the 1000th day since I've debuted ^-^~!

Every one of your cheers are precious to me
I am still Lee Kikwang of Beast
Because of that I can act, sing, dance and perform coolly~

Wherever, the always cheering loudest and the ones we care much about is
our B2UTY ^^!!
I appreciate it sincerely and thankful always~!

Next year, I'll be the best artist that you can be proud of
So, the cheers had to be the very best!! haha

Next year, we Beast will be more active for our domestic activities
Will you be there to wait for me ^^? haha

Stay faithful, ok^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~? haha
hehehehe keke
Anyway, do end this year well
Try not to catch a cold, take care^^
I finished today well too!
Sleep well^^!!!~~~~~~~~~

Thank you~~^-^