[CAFE] Doojoon's Cafe Post - Hello everyone!!!! Attention!!! @beeeestdj

Ah..I’m leaving a message late into the night…
From London to Brazil, and to Japan which we will be headed to today..
Also, aside from that is our personal schedules..
I think this was our busiest time..
With that, I wasn’t able to leave a sincere message which I wanted to apologize for..
First off, the London concert ended smoothly like the gentleman-like country it is.
It touched us from the manners of the audience to the staff, as each and every little thing seemed organized..
And Brazil which we were at yesterday was really like the country of passion..
It touched us once again in seeing a unique kind of reaction.
The performances in London and Brazil.. were to be honest, poorly done.
Because we weren’t able to use the stage to its full capacity as well as the demands for having a standing section, we were worried first..
But to tend our worries, the reactions of the crowd were no different from our own country in seeing fans genuinely sing along line by line to our lyrics,
You have no idea how many times I tried to not show tears.
Whether the performance was a success of failure… I think we were able to make important memories in being able to perform among the mass of k-pop..
In waiting for us all day in the very cold weather in London to the very hot weather in Brazil..
I want to deliver the message of genuinely thanking those who were able to become one with us through this message!!
Also…a little less than 2 months left…
The time that everyone has been waiting for for a year is approaching right before our eyes.
Thank you for allowing us to perform like this again.
The determination of BEAST in 2012 is different from others.
With that said, we will come back to you all in a better image, so anticipate us…Thank you for reading through my rambles, chu

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