[Article/Trans] Boyfriend on NEWSTAR Magazine (Chinese)!

Korean idol group Boyfriend was featured on a Chinese Magazine which is Newstar Magazine.

Check out the translation of the article below.


Nickname: Mirror Prince
Favorite self feature: Eye smile. I really like my eyes.
Dislikes the most: Lies
Favorite Food: Egg pasta and Bacon
Favorite Color: Red, White, Black, Cheetah pattern
Fear: Entering a haunted house
Animal that resembles me: Dachshund.. (people say i look like a puppy) (T/N: type of dog)
Bedtime habits: Listening to music
First thing I do when I wake up: Wash and stretch. Its really important to exercise your body
Ambition: To be the best. I'm hoping i can be that one person who's really good in every field.
Must-Have with me: MP3 and books
Idol: King Sejong (Sejong Daewang) (T/N: 4th king of the Chosun Dynasty)
Bad Habits: I'm not sure if i have any
Favorite song recently: Yesterday - The Beatles
Favorite Movie: The first Love (첫사랑열전) (T/N: Korean Drama)


Nickname: Prince. My fans gave that to me.
Favorite self feature: My eyes
Dislikes the most: Mushrooms
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Color: Black
Fear: Having to go to the toilet at night
Animal that resembles me: Golden Retriever (T/N: type of dog)
Bedtime habits: Listening to music
First thing I do when I wake up: Brush teeth
Ambition: Always thinking about life.
Must-Have with me: Medicine cases
Idol: Jang Jinyoung. He used to be BlackBeat's Lead Vocal, is now training Boyfriend for Vocals.
Bad Habits: Hot-headed unconsciously
Favorite song recently: A lot of Brown Eyed Souls songs
Favorite Movie: Bitter Sweet Life


Nickname: Pikachu
Favorite self feature: Lips
Dislikes the most: Lies
Favorite Food: Ddeokbokki (spicy rice cake)
Favorite Color: Black
Fear: Nothing much
Animal that resembles me: Chihuahua.. a puppy
Bedtime habits: Reading a book
First thing I do when I wake up: Wakes up, slide down the slider, and then head to the bathroom
Ambition: To be the person who thrives towards his own dream.
Must-Have with me: iPad
Idol: Chris Brown
Bad Habits: Daydreaming
Favorite song recently: I've been listening to a lot of hip hop so I can practice my raps
Favorite Movie: Blind

Nickname: Sweaty Minwoo
Favorite self feature: Sweating is a charm right? My sweat runs like a river
Dislikes the most: I dislike the heat ㅠㅠ
Favorite food: I like everything
Favorite color: Black and White
Fear: Ghost?!
Animal that resembles me: A puppy
Bedtime habits: Sit-ups
First thing I do when I wake up: stretch
Ambition: Must be hard working towards my parents
Must-Have with me: MP3
Idol: Our company's reps
Bad Habits: Nibbling on my lips
Favorite song recently: Boyfriend's JJum JJum JJum
Favorite Movie: Front Line

credits: BoyfriendChina
translations: RAINYDAYS! @ B-Nations