[Trans/Fancafe] 111117 Reporter Kim Seyong "MYNAME members are not feeling well"

This is H2 MYNAME’s Kim Seyong reporter.
We are at the practice room.
Everyone is gathered to practice the choreography for Message.

It really is nice(?) to see
MYNAME putting in effort to show you a better image ^^
Hello this is Seyong.

I feel embarrassed because I keep writing hereBut that’s because I’m a reporter >_<
The weather has gotten colder lately!! Everyone, do not catch a cold ㅠㅠ
Even Gunwoo hyung caught a cold… Me too… sniffle sniffle
Wear warm clothing!!!

We are very very thankful for the fans who always come for our performances, so please come in warm clothing.
When we hear your cheers on stage ..
We get an indescribable strength from everyone!
Thank you very much ..
We should quickly succeed even more and save all the MYNAME fans!
Please wait a little while more.
Because we are working hard!//
Together till the end!!!

Actually, today all of us are not feeling well, so they said we might be able to end early …
With Gunwoo hyung's cold.. his tonsils are really swollen so he's staggering
Insoo hyung is tired so he's staggering
JunQ hurt his leg and he's tired so he's staggering
My lovely baby is a baby so he's staggering
Seyong is(?) hahahahahahahahaha

But when we hear the screams for MYNAME on stage, we don't know where we get the strength from but we feel energized!!
It's interesting. I think it's because of all the fans!

Ahh!! Also
We, MYNAME, visit the fancafe everyday
Everytime we get a break, we read to.MYNAME
We also check to see if there is anything new in pictures and videos. It's fun!!
Because of everyone, it's very fun … !!!

Ahh there is something else!!
When Seyong .. doesn't talk .. the fans ask "Are you angry? Is anything wrong??"!!!
There are also those who say….. Seyong is chic..
I will be chicyong .. TSK

This has been H2 MYNAME's Kim Seyong reporter
Ahh .. The conclusion is pretty long

I love you♥

Source: Fancafe
Translation: MYNAMESG