[Trans/Cafe] Lizzy leaves message in the PlayGirlz Cafe

Dated 11.11.11

Hello This is Lizzy ; After School’s Maknae…um..I’m the
same age as the maknae even i’m not maknae just consider me as it.

Because of i want to greet fans today, here i am sitting in front of computer, forgetting my tired body and scribble something.

Now we’re going to Japan..how do we do..
But, you’ll wait for us right? You must wait for us..
You can’t change to another!
If you do so, Soondeok will be cry.

Ah I’m sleepy..Park Beagle, Park Lizzy will sleep, riding power-rocket to go to star-country…
not to the sky..but star.

Sorry..why am i being like this ㅠ_ㅠ
I will be…rolling again back forth tomorrow~
To those who watched ‘Weekly Idol’ will know what i mean.
Then Lizzy will..Bbyong Bbyong Bbyong
Aing Joing Oing Uing Euing Euhehehehehheh
Ah Soondeoki love playgirlz so much!
The powerful Lizzy will be going.

It’s a waste Ah..but really..Ah
I’m going to sleep.

Credits: Translated by Ahyoo @ PlaygirlzWorld.com