[Trans/Cafe] INFINITE Woohyun Q&A


Name in Korean: 남우현
Name in Chinese: 南優賢
Birthday: 1991.2.8
Height/Blood type: 176/56kg
(Please answer all the questions genuinely or you’ll die, die ^^)
Other Information:
Shirt size/Shoe size: M, 95/260
Favorite color: Leopard, Dark, Red
Ideal type (detailed): A cute style with a lot of aegyo and chubby cheeks~
Q: 1. What would be the best gift you received from fans and the worst one?
A: The best gift is gaining fans (girlfriends) called ‘Inspirit’ / There’s no worst…
Q: 2. When do you think you’ll get married? To what kind of woman will you get married with?
A: I already have my ‘Inspirit’ wives… In reality (I’ll do it when you will??)
Q: 3. Woohyun oppa~ This time you’re going to debut in Japan, did you think of a new method to train Japanese Inspirits?
A: Of course ‘Ai shiteru’!!
Q: 4. I even did this during music shows to stand out among other members!
A: Bunny aegyo…

Q: 5. You had a really long past, what do you think when watching old pictures?
A: I really worked hard….let’s be more successful!
Q: 6. What do you think of emotional women that don’t have aegyo? How much old, and younger do you accept?
A: If she’s emotional OK / I accept a 15 years range younger and older than me …..
Q: 7. Following what Infinite members said, are you really the cheapest?
A: When I pay for something I pay a lot….
Q: 8. How do you feel when you sometime hear or see that fans are influenced by you to be determined to realize their dreams?
A: Without even knowing, I get really touched and tell them to try once again, to be more successful, it seems that it stimulated them…
Q: 9. What do you want to challenge outside from music?
A: I’m actually composing music and writing lyrics and
get a fan training license, movie actor
Q: 10. What do you think when you see fans receiving the hearts that you throw?
A: I want to run to them to hug them…
Q: 11. On Inkigayo, when oppa was in the center and was one beat late, how did you feel then?
A: Don’t you know …. that was my solo dance….
Q: 12. With which female idol do you want to do a duet with?
A: Taeyeon
Q: 13. Which fan from fansigns do you remember the most?
A: Fans with serious look… I don’t like it…
Q: 14. If you were to be reborn and live another life, what do you want to be?
A: Singer
Q: 15. Choose the BEST3 days you remember the most from Infinite’s activities until now!!
A: 1. 2010.6.9 Debut / 2. 2010.9.19 First fanmeeting / 3. 2011.8.17 First inauguration ceremony
Q: 16. The members from other groups you’re the closest from these days?
A: Kibumie, Dongwoonie, Mir
Q: 17. After oppa, who do you think is the most suitable trainer in your members?
A: Sungyeol, Hoya, L
Q: 18. Grade the part of your body you like the most!
A: 11 abs 80 points~
Q: 19. If you could exchange your bankbook with another member, which one would you want to exchange with?
A: Dongwoo.. the hyung with a lot of money…..
Q: 20. Woohyun who’s always really thankful to fans~ Was there a moment where you were the most thankful to fans or did you change your perception of fans?
A: I just can’t forget the fans who gave everything and came to support us on music shows no matter the rain or the snow
I want to give the same love my girls gave to us who are still lacking
From the beginning, I didn’t see the fans as fans but as ‘women’ who love me
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