[Trans/Cafe] INFINITE Sunggyu Q&A session

Name in Korean: 김성규
Name in Chinese: 金聖圭
Birthday: 1989.4.28
Height/Blood type: 178/A
(Please answer all the questions genuinely or you’ll die, die ^^)
Other Information:
Shirt size/Shoe size: L/270
Favorite color: White, black. Black & White
Ideal type (detailed): Pretty, kind, and a pure girl who will love me

Q: 1. If you were to control your fans like Woohyun, what kind of ideas would you use?
A: I can’t do things like that.. I’ll just show you my true heart
Q: 2. As the eldest and the leader, what do you do when your dongsaengs don’t listen to you or rebel against you?
A: I try to reason with them… And talk to them. This doesn’t happen often.

Q: 3. The reason why Sunggyu originally came into Woollim was to become a musician. But unlike your expectations, you became an idol. How do you feel about that now?
A: Hmm… I still can’t believe that I became an idol singer. However, I felt that I could do anything given to me.
Q: 4. There isn’t much time left in 2011, so is there anything that you wished for this year and it hasn’t come true yet?
A: I wanted to become taller, but I still haven’t been able to…
Q: 5. As the leader, which member do you think changed the most since debut? The reason being?
A: Sungjongie! He’s fully become a man!!
Q: 6. Gyu Leader, who’s in charge of being sexy in Infinite! When do you feel that you’re really sexy?
A: When do I think that I’m sexy… I don’t really know because I’m normally a man of grace.
Q: 7. Starting from your debut album to the special repackage album, which was the song you were most attached to?
A: Because. It’s my first solo song and because it’s a song that a singer I respect, gave to me.
Q: 8. You have your official debut in Japan ahead of you. Is there a nation you wish to debut in after improving more?
A: I want to go to Africa and perform in front of a leopard!
Q: 9. What are health foods to Leader Gyu?
A: They are just foods I like..
Q: 10. Oppas are obsession idols. Are you guys obsessed like that in real life too?
A: Because I’m chic, I’m not like that! I’m a cool guy.
Q: 11. If you were a girl, is there a member you could fall for?
A: Well… From Infinite, it would probably be Sunggyu?
Q: 12. What would you do if an Inspirit turned their attention away from you? What would you want to say to that Inspirit?
A: That’s mean and good.
Q: 13. Is there a song that you want to suggest for fans or an artist you listen to quite often besides Nell?
A: All of Jay Sean’s songs! Hit The Lights
Q: 14. What’s your personal thoughts on older women?
A: Age is only but a number! If I love them, I won’t care.
Q: 15. What does Kim Sunggyu’s hairstyle from ‘Come Back Again’ mean to you?
A: ㅡㅡ+
Q: 16. “I really don’t feel like being a leader at this time” When do you feel like that?
A: I always like being the leader.
Q: 17. You guys ran endlessly for 1 year, so there have been times that you wanted to just run away from it, right?
A: Nope. I was thankful to be able to stand on the stage every day.
Q: 18. Your cute acts have improved so much lately. Are you doing that because you think you’ll lose to Woohyun oppa? Because you don’t want to lose to Woohyun oppa?
A: Hahaha, no way~ If you think cute acts, you think of Woohyun! I’m an injured sexy charisma.
Q: 19. If you get a girlfriend, the song you want to sing to her or a song you want to hear from her is???
A: I want to sing Clazziquai’s ‘She Is’, together with her.
Q: 20. After getting your first #1 win, you didn’t cry at any situation! Do you not have tears or are you holding it back as the leader? Curious!
A: I have dry eye syndrome… I was crying in my heart though!

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