[Trans/Cafe] INFINITE Hoya Q&A


Korean name: 이호원
Chinese name: 李浩沅 (T/N: Thank you Hyewon~)
Birth date: 91.3.28
Height/Blood type: 178/AB
(Please answer all the questions genuinely or you’ll die, die ^^)
Other Information:
Shirt/Shoe size: M/260
Favorite color: Purple
Ideal type (detailed): Someone who’s random and 4-dimensional!!! Looks are different to me every time
Q: 1. The fan you remember the most is? And an action that you wish fans would stop doing?
A: Fans who come out often on open broadcasts/Staying in front of our dorm
Q: 2. “I can promise this one thing with my fans.” If there’s something like that?
A: That I can show myself improving as a singer each and every day.
Q: 3. Besides getting 1st place, when were you the happiest?
A: We recently were given a break. The time I spent with my family then.
Q: 4. Between “Hobaby” and “All Man”, which character do you like better?
A: I want to be all man when I’m on stage!
Q: 5. When you don’t have schedules, what do you do the most? Besides dancing and singing practice!
A: Exercising and reading!
Q: 6. It’s been over 1 year since you’ve debuted, but including all the songs from your debut album to your special repackage album, which song were you the most attached to?
A: I’m most attached to ‘Crying’

Q: 7. You seem so different from Sungjong oppa on the outside, so you guys don’t look like you would match well. What points do you match well with each other that you hang out with each other often?
A: Sungjongie is my matter of interest.
Q: 8. If you were a normal person and not a celebrity, what would you want to do most with your girlfriend?
A: Walking around the streets while holding hands.
Q: 9. Behind your family picture, it says ‘I’ll come back once I succeed’. Have you succeeded to the point where you could go to them right at this moment?
A: Although I wouldn’t be embarrassed to go to them now, I’m still really far from my idea of the level of succeeding.
Q: 10. How would you feel if you were in charge of singing and not rapping, starting from the next album?
A: I’m going to do both rapping and singing forever~ ^^
Q: 11. Where do you usually get your ideas when you make raps?
A: I get them through reading or watching movies!
Q: 12. You can dance, sing, and rap, everything’s perfect, but is there something else you want to learn? Like an instrument or acting?
A: Because I’m interested in acting and playing instruments, I’m learning it from time to time!
Q: 13. You said your heart moves when you see high school girls, then do you dislike noona fans? What are noona fans to you?
A: Did I say that? Mm… I really like noona fans too!!
Q: 14. Is there a word that “If I hear this, I feel really happy~”?
A: Lately, I like hearing that I’m cute. Haha
Q: 15. If you were the leader, is there something you could do better than the current leader, Kim Sunggyu?
A: There’s nothing. The leader is Sunggyu hyung.
Q: 16. If the members were given their own stage at Infinite’s solo concert, what kind of performance would you want to show?
A: I want to show a sexy R&B stage.
Q: 17. I’m envious of this member sometimes. Are there times when you think that? If you do, who is it and why were you envious of them?
A: I’m envious of Dongwoo hyung’s optimistic personality!!!
Q: 18. You picked yourself as the 2nd Lee Hyori on ‘Weekly Idols’… Do you think that you would have become a singer if you were born as a female?
A: I think I was picked as the 2nd Rain… I want to be born as a male…
Q: 19. Only Woohyun oppa and Dongwoo oppa have revealed their abs. I feel like oppa would have abs now because you always practice dancing, so are you not revealing them or is it at a point where you can’t reveal them?
A: I’m just not revealing them. I’m going to at an important moment…
Q: 20. Whenever you thought that you wanted to give up everything because you were tired, is there something you say to gain back strength?
A: I’ve never thought once that I wanted to give up!

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