[Trans] Zico's nose swells whenever he picks it!

Block B's Zico talked about his nose on Starry Night.

  • Younha: Zico, it looks like your nose has gotten bigger.
  • Zico: I was actually picking my nose yesterday and I guess it got swollen from that. For some reason, my nose swells whenever I pick it.
  • Younha: Not because you were treating your blackheads?
  • Zico: Nah, boogers. Staying in the studio for a long time, things get stuck up in there. Normally I'll pick my nose with Jaehyo hyung before we move to our next schedule.
  • Jaehyo: Why are you bringing me into this!
  • Zico: Are you denying this?
  • Jaehyo: ...No.

Source: bontheblockb