[Trans] SNSD 3rd Album Thanks To Translations (FULL)!

You cant read Korean and do not understand the "Thanks To" of Girls' Generations' 3rd Album?

Here's the translation!

These messages from the girls are really touching and sweet.

Here are the links for bigger size of the image.

Taeyeon - http://bit.ly/vayrTK
Jessica - http://bit.ly/vgTqB3
Sunny - http://bit.ly/tGw6RI
Tiffany - http://bit.ly/siG7C3
Hyoyeon - http://bit.ly/tP08qE
Yuri - http://bit.ly/rZTP79
Sooyoung - http://bit.ly/tDgDio
Yoona - http://bit.ly/twAaiG
Seohyun - http://bit.ly/s72Pux

Source: imwhywhy