[Trans] SISTAR's GQ Interview - October Issue!

Lunch time has passed. Aren’t you hungry? Instead of eating, I tend to drink. I love Green Tea Frappuccino. I rarely eat a meal.

You are at an age when you should be eating Duk-bok-ki with your friends… I enjoy working. Sometimes I would said “Ah. I really don’t want to do this” then, I will be like “I have chosen the right job!”

What do you do when you don’t want to do it? Before, I would talk to my mom and find a reason why I should work. My mom is really proud that I am doing this. In the past, her dream was to be a singer. However, I think my mom would get hurt when I say “I’m tired and exhausted,” so, these days, I just sleep.

You’ve grown up. In the team you are the youngest. Don’t you get frustrated? There is nothing that is uncomfortable. Since I am the youngest, unnis help me a lot and try to do as much as they can for me. I can learn a lot from them. From all unnis

Darn it! Ah! I have this. Since I am the youngest, I have to sit at the very back in the back of a car. Our car isn’t a Van, it’s a Carnival. It’s very shaky. Also, when we get something sponsored, I would let unnis choose first, and I will get the uglier ones. Heehee.

Sponsored? Bags, shoes and stuff like that. I protested heavily so, we have changed it to Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Haha. Do you not ride in a Van as big as a house? Only when going to an award show. I do have fantasies and dreams about riding in a Van. However, the dreams that I had before debuting are coming true, in reality, it’s like a fantasy.

Did it get shatter? It’s harder physically then I have ever imagined. I thought I would be treated like a princess, but it’s really hard. I would sigh, yet, whenever I hear those cheers and fanchants, I love it. I don’t have that much experience, but, a person who stands on stage even once gets addicted. You can’t forget about that excitement.

How did you feel when HyoLyn and BoRa were working as “SISTAR19”?  I want to stand on stage, ASAP? It was kind of lonely and felt alienated. But, I never was upset and never questioned myself why they didn’t pick me. It was true that I wasn’t really prepared at that time. Before, I would stand behind the unnis and get a free ride, but then, I realized, I shouldn’t do that. That’s why this break was a chance for me. While unnis were watching TV, I would go practice playing a guitar and sing on rainy days.

That’s why you gained more parts for “So Cool” and gained confidence. Heehee. Yes. Brave brother called me personally and said, “You are really going to make it big this time. Try hard.” I felt like I was going to cry. Although I still have a long way to go…

In an interview, you said SISTAR’s charm point is “Man-like,” right? When you look at other girl groups, they are very careful in front of boy groups. When they greet, they would say “Hello, I am so and so” but, we are like male idols. We say “Hi! Good work~”

DaSom looks the youngest and looks like someone who would get hurt a lot by negative comments. Ah. I am really timid. Triple AAA (Here, she is talking about Blood Type A people's personalities. Triple the the timid personality of blood type A). I am always curious, though. She is a bully, why is she in SISTAR, SISTAR’s hole, just die. I would read stuff like that and cry. My family would read those articles and comments. My dad searches and reads news articles about me every day. Every 5 minutes, he would search and look at photos. That hurts a lot.

Don’t cry. Did you cry a lot when you won first place for “So Cool”? I cried so much. I couldn’t stop crying for 30 minutes. We would repeat to each other, “Wow. Dae-bak!” over and over again.

There are lot of photos with you winking. Do you like to wink? Honestly, I have serious uneven eyes. So, I would just close one eyes!

Haha. Recently, you were the hot topic after your Middle school graduation photos came up online. Were you sad? No. For me, I was cute! Don’t you think?

Of course, you were cute. Did you take your High school graduation photos? I haven’t yet. I couldn’t take a group photo with my friends, due to schedule conflict, so, I need to photo-shop myself in. Ah, how should I take it? Mmm, should I wink?

Tired? Before we shot the photos, do you remember how I said “I am not good at posing for photos”? I don’t have confidence when posing for photos so, I would resist myself even before I try.

What about when you sing? Same for when I sing. Unlike what you see, I am not that confident. In order to stop shaking, right before I go on stage, I would jump up and down and fool around.

Unexpected. On “Immortal Song” you were full of confidence. No. I would get nervous. Actually, I feel as though I haven’t shown my best singing skills that I am satisfied with to people. I am honored that people still praise me. I don’t know what type of personality this is, but, I think to myself “this isn’t enough” a lot.

Greedy and perfectionist? Yes. Yes! That’s right. I am totally! So greedy! So perfectionist!

As a vocalist, what are you gifted with and what do you need to work on? I can’t hit high notes. And once, I was diagnosed with vocal fold nodule so, I had to rest for two months. The habits from that time, when I was beginning to sing, went away. Since then, I could reach high notes. I have a husky voice and still be able to reach the high notes so, people watch me in awe.

If you were to be prettier than now, what would have happened? Haha. Everything would have happened. I would be really happy. I really want to have plastic surgery. I want to be super pretty. When I am posing for photos, wearing clothes, I pay a careful attention to my outside appearance. I am very sensitive because I have no confidence.

You didn’t get plastic surgery? No. Not even my nose. The doctor told me if I do one part of my face, I would have to do all parts of my face. If I do the eyes, nose. If I do the nose, jaw… I want to do it all. All of it.

Haha. You are pretty now, but especially in practice videos, you are very sexy. But, those high heels that looks like it will break… I think one should give up on their feet. Blisters on my feet as well as cuts and bruises and hard skins. Now, small things don’t hurt. Guys would say, that hurts? Your feet hurts? That’s how much they don’t know.

Can you pick the best performance stage? We went to an event and it started raining. We have never took off our heels together, but at that time, we decided to dance bare feet. Although we took off our heels, we kept slipping and falling. We would get up again and dance. Fall, stand back up, dance, fall again. It wasn’t the best stage but, we looked awesome.

“So Cool” promotion period is over. Do you watch out for other girl groups? I can’t say I don’t pay attention to others. After our promotion, we sit and watch music programs. All four of us would sit and pick out. Who is that? They are new, right? Something like that. When we rest, we do get nervous. While we are not active, other groups can climb at a rapid pace. It’s good for us because it pushes us.

When male idols come on, what do you guys say? Whatever. Haha. I feel like I need to worry about myself more. However, we like Rain sunbae or others who have been active for a long time.

What kind of stage do you dream about? TaeYang sunbae’s “I Need a Girl.” I want RnB songs like that to be interpreted through performance. Corresponding to the lyrics, dance, act, and have that musical feeling stage.

Other than standing on stage and singing, what else do you want to do? Volunteer! I really love dogs so, I looked into volunteering at a safe haven for abandoned dogs. But, the process is complicated and hard. In middle school, I volunteered at nursing home, and I would like to do that again.

You aren’t saying this just to cover up you possible playful behaviours, right? Haha. I can’t lie well so, I get scolded. I like to have fun but if there is a dog, I can have as much fun with the dog and I am happy.

What type of woman are you? Man-like woman. Easy-going and cool personality. Also the voice. But, feminine personality inside? With a sense of delicacy? I kind of have minor symptoms of mysophobia. Though, I still like “dirty” countryside where there are bugs and spider-webs everywhere. Weird? This is me.

Your burn, is it okay? Ah. It’s like this now. (Showing dark scars on her shins) This isn’t a scab. I don’t know if the skin was burnt or the inside that was burnt.

You got injured while filming for “Idol Athletics Championship” Yes. I injured my forehead. Scratched my legs. I am actually a person who doesn’t trip easily nor careless, but after becoming a celebrity, I’ve been getting injured a lot. Even broke my bones.

Were you greedy for 1st place? Nothing like that but after getting 1st place more than once, people have high expectations for me. Even my fellow members were keeping their eyes on me. So, before I run, I am thoughtless then while running, I try to run faster and faster. On the day, I entered all areas of events, so maybe my injury was due to that. Because finals were at the end of the day, my body was exhausted. It was tiring.

But, you still got the 1st place. I didn’t get 1st place in all areas but, the spotlight came to me. It was surprising that at the start line, I could see SHINee fans. They kept calling for me and said “Unni! You are amazing!” so, I replied “Thank you! Heart!” and they would chant “BoRa Zzang! BoRa Zzang!”

In high school, those who are good at sports are popular amongst others with same sex, so, maybe it’s like that? Maybe. When I tripped, I could hear “Don’t cry! Don’t cry!” Although I am a female idol, I don’t care much about how I look nor how my hair is tied, so I have lots of fans who like that aspect of me.

I thought about woman on a platform. The pole dance was a hot issue once, right? Pole dance must be hard, with your skin rubbing against the pole and hanging on to it with your arm. It does require dedication, but I need to do the task that’s been given to me. I have to try even once. For the pole dance, all four of us were learning, then, it was only me who was left and prepared the choreography. Our teacher showed us and I immediately saw it as a piece of art. But, due to negative looks, we couldn’t do it. Not even shoot it. It was very regretful. One should look at it as art.

Do you go to clubs? There should be poles there. No.

Does the company stop you from going? That, as well as, my personal choice to not go. If I learn cultures like that, it would be good for me since I am a rapper. While recording, I am told “You are too kind and nice. You need to get meaner.” When rapping, I was told that it comes out better if one is arrogant and mean.

Are you a workaholic? Nothing like that. While attending school, I am busy with faculty related events. Nowadays, I can go when I have a bit of time but, it’s usually that I can’t go, rather than I don’t go. I want to go.

You rap with power but, you sing with a beautiful voice. Yes. True. My voice is like that… When I sing, I am still too shy.

Between dancing and rapping, what is more important? Wow. They are hard. Really. Hmm… As a singer, I would choose rapping. If I weren’t a singer, dancing.

Are you jealous of HyoLyn who can sing well? I don’t get jealous about popularity. I envy her singing and want to sing like her. At “Immortal Songs” HyoLyn really put SISTAR’s name out there. Actually, before that, I was a big issue. Tripping while running and stuff like that. Everyone has his or her own time. Therefore,  I don’t get jealous of who is more popular or not.

Good answer as the oldest. For SISTAR’s success, how much was due to the music? 80%. I think it’s the biggest.

If so, from SISTAR members, your stake? Me? Wow… Hard question... Oh my god! Hmm… 38%?

There are 4 members. If 38%, quite high? First of all, it’s true we got the attention because of “Ma Boy” with HyoLyn, and the maknaes (younger members) didn’t have a chance to shine yet. HyoLyn’s stake will be 45%? Since the younger two didn’t have their time in the spotlight, I didn’t give them high stakes.

This time, it sounds like cold but correct 2nd unni. I still seem like an unni, right? That’s a relief.

You look like a different person. Though you just lost some weight. People tell me that the feeling changed a lot. It’s not a big difference. Similar hair. I have always had long straight hair since the beginning. After I lost lots of weight…

I thought you changed your hair and make-up as well. No. Same hair color. At first, I thought there will be stories that I got plastic surgery and such but, nothing like that came up. Nothing. None. Never.

Because there were no accusation of possible plastic surgery, were you kind of disappointed? Something like that. When we were doing out first broadcast, the feeling was different. I lost lots of weight and when the photos first came up, people said “the power of photo-shopping,” “only way to find out is through live broadcast.” After the broadcast, first words were “How did I look? Did you notice?” I was glad that I looked different.

After the diet, when you stood in front of the mirror, which part of your body looked most beautiful? Body? Not face? Arm and waist line. I lost a lot of weight in my legs, but that was my muscle.

You must have some hopes to wear clothes that show some waist and arms. Of course! I am sad we can’t. We would always be put on the chopping block. Whenever we wear something, it will be too sexual.

“How Dare You” had some problems with the higher officials? For “How Dare You,” we prepared clothes that shows our stomach, but we wore tights inside. I am kind of upset we can’t wear what we want.

For example? There’s a lot. I normally have various styles of clothes that I wear. One day, I would feel feminine and wear loose clothes and say “I am a woman” then the next day, I would just wear guys’ clothes.

What kind of woman do you want to be seen as? Actually, I have a bright personality. I am funny when I am funny. On TV programs, I don’t talk much. People see me as a calm woman. I would always sit there silent with my long straight hair. Because of that, I became known as the quiet child, feminine child. Moreover, I have bad eyesights so, when I focus on something, I squint.

I have always thought you aren’t a confident person. I am not confident. Seriously lacking. Really lacking.

Are you talking about your visual? Singing? Dancing? All. Between other idols, I would get small.

Out of four SISTAR members, do you feel like you lack the most? Yes. I am sorry to my members for the way I look through the screen. At first, SISTAR were known as “Body-dols” or “Edge-dols” but people would call me a pig…

How different is being sexy and healthy? I have to level this out and say it well.

You don’t have to say. Hmm. Not the people who say “Woo~~” to be sexy, but those who have that aura. Being healthy is when one looks at someone and that person doesn’t seem too weak and looks very strong. Other idols are really thin. So thin that I feel sorry for them. But not us. I think we have the right amount of fat at a right place on our body. We don’t look too thin.

You guys have volume. Yes. We do have volumes. Because of that, we are told we look healthy.

Does that mean SISTAR isn’t sexy? The word “healthy” seems like a better expression!. Also, we are still young, too young. For now, healthy with full strength of  hwaiting!

Did you have a moment when you were sad or disappointed? Ah. After we won 1st place, I cried a lot. But, the next day, I only read the news articles that read, “BoRa’s tears. Super Junior cheers on.” What is this? I cried a lot more? Haha. While doing this work, my personality changed a lot. Feeling more down.

Like the lyrics, how about be more “cool”? I am cool. For example, if one says “Someone likes you,” then I would reply, “Why me?” However, to myself, I am not too cool. I would be like “Do I look ugly? Why? Isn’t that my charm?” Maybe we are too scary. There is no one who contacts me personally. Ah. Please contact me. Please write this in. I am very lonely. Very lonely. Very.

Source: FanCafe & @World_SISTAR
(Translated by Jake.)