[Trans] SHINee's interview on SPUR Japanese Magazine

[O: Onew, J: Jonghyun, K: Key, M: Minho, T: Taemin]

What outfit catches your attention for this autumn?
♥ O : Simple knitted wool sweater
♥ J : Scarves that has “volume”
♥ K : Since I have no tried a long coat before, I am eyeing on one from Yves Saint-Lauren. Not sure if I should buy it
♥ T : Wool Sweater that will keep me warm

Favourite outfit style
♥ J : T shirt and jacket

What was your childhood dream?
♥ O : Scientist
♥ J : Police or Swordsman
♥ K : Singer and aritst. I really like drawing since I was a kid. I have an interest in Pop art
♥ T : To be a pilot

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
♥ M : Check my handphone. If there are no messages or missed calls, I will be disappointed
♥ T : Ate kimchi for breakfast

The part of your body you admire the most
♥ O : Thick eyebrows
♥ J : It changes everyday when I look in the mirror. Today is my lips.
♥ K : My eyes.. that changes with expression and make-up
♥ T : Eyes

Something you say very often recently
♥ O : “Omutyon” (shocking)
♥ J : “Mo-raruka” (how to explain?)
♥ K : “Monga” (what is that?)
♥ M : OMG
♥ T : “Izye” (after that, that)

Favourite Japanese culinery
♥ O : Chicken Wings
♥ J : Pork Ribs Ramen
♥ K : Soba
♥ M : Beef Rice
♥ T : Grilled Meat Bento

Recently learned Japanese
♥ J : “Don’t look well. Before people can point it out, I can give an excuse that I dont look well”

Something that bothers you recently
♥ O : When I was learning Japanese from anime, I unknowingly switched to Korean voice-over/language. Totally no improvement (laughs)

Favourite Korean culinery
T : Grilled Meat, Raw Beef, I like meat

Funniest thing recently
♥ M : I silently followed Key to his room, who was alone, and scared him from behind
♥ T : Onew who doesnt get scared easily, got intimidated

Things that make you happy
K : Thinking today is happy, the next day and every other day.. makes me smile

Things that you treasure
♥ J : Memory-filled polaroids
♥ M : The car I won from Dream Team. Should have returned home once the interview was over, but on the way back to seoul, I was thinking to give rest of the members a
♥ T : Family and my dogs - Adam and Eve

Do you collect things?
♥ O : Air tickets from our overseas trips
♥ K : From Disney to Hayao Miyazaki
♥ T : Because I always lose my things (being scattered everywhere) whenever I start collecting, so I gave up collecting things

source and credit: Japanese to Chinese Translation : yezi @SHINee Baidu Bar,
Chinese to English Translation: soundtracklove@soompi,
shared by: Taemin Forever