[Trans] Sandeul on Sukira!

On November 1st, Sandeul was on Sukira. Sandeul talked about B1A4, BANAs and many more!.

Sandeul talked about B1A4, Baro's complains and Internet.

  • Question: Who complains the most in B1A4?
  • Sandeul: Oh man, I can name one from the top of my head.
  • Eunhyuk: Who?
  • Sandeul: His name is Baro
  • Sandeul: Last time he was here he kept mentioning that we don't have internet access in the dorm..
  • Eunhyuk: He's like that?
  • Sandeul: Yeah, well something like that.. and because he kept on mentioning it our CEO finally got us internet
  • Sandeul: OHHHHH. Now that we have internet access at the dorm it feels more lively there, for real!
  • Moral of the story: Internet is everyone's best friend.

Sandeul's mother's honest statement.

NOTE: They were reading a request from a listener where she was made fun of by a middle-aged man for being "ugly"

  • Eunhyuk: How about you Sandeul? Do you see any complex with your looks or anything?
  • Sandeul: No, I don't have anything like that. However, when I was in middle school, one day I was getting ready to go to bed but my mother asked me to sing her a song. My mother loves it when I sing for her at night. So she requested a song and I sang it without any music and I just sang to her. Afterwards I was getting ready to go to bed so I told her "good night" and was about to leave when she suddenly looked at me and said "Wow, your head is huge"
  • Sandeul: After all the talent and cuteness I showed her as a son she said "Wow, your head is huge, what are we going to do?!". It made me wonder if I was at the right household..

Sandeul talked about BANA and B1A4's 200thday

  • Leeteuk: *reads a request* SSandeulie oppa! Please give us BANAs a shout out! Your fan club name is called BANA?
  • Sandeul: Yes!
  • Leeteuk: Why BANA? What's the meaning behind it?
  • *I'm not going to translate this part, BANAs already know why we're called BANAs anyways.*
  • Eunhyuk: How about a word to your fans?
  • Sandeul: Ah yes. Dear BANAs, I'm always thankful to you all. 200th day, 300th day, 400th day, 500th day, 1000th day, and even after our 1000000th day, please love us a little more. We will work hard!

Sandeul's regrets about B1A4 200thday

  • LT: *reads a request* "Sandeul oppa! In honor of B1A4's 200th day please sing us a congratulatory song!
  • EH: AHH! It's your 200th day?
  • SD: YES! It's today!
  • Everybody: AHHHHHHHH!! *claps*
  • EH: How about a congratulatory song?
  • SD: Then I will sing our song Beautiful Target!
  • EH: Alright! Sounds good!
  • SD: *sings Beautiful Target*
  • EH: Ahhh, so nice. The song is so nice.
  • LT: If it's your 200th day it's been about 6 months since debut right? Right, Sandeul?
  • SD: Yes!
  • LT: How does it feel? You've been promoting for 200 days now.
  • SD: I feel like time's gone by so fast, there are somethings I kind of regret not doing.
  • LT: What's the most regretful thing for you?
  • SD: Well, I think I could've been better to my fans. I feel like sometimes we're disappointing our fans.
  • YH: I regret not making enough when I could've.
  • Everyone bursts into laughter.
  • Personal: SD BABY, you're perfect, You have not disappointed me (and hopefully all the BANAs) at all ♥

Sandeul, Leeteuk, and Eunhyuk's noona-story

  • They’re having a conversation about their older sisters. The topic of a submission they were reading was from an older sister whose younger brother kept on taking her things and gifting them to his girlfriend, so that’s where it comes from. They’re talking about how older sisters can be cold to their sibling’s significant others. Kim Yeonghee mentions that she gets jealous of her younger brother’s girlfriend sometimes.
  • Leeteuk: Why would you be jealous?
  • Yeonghee: It happens!
  • Leeteuk: My sister always encourages me to bring my girlfriend home. She told me that she wants to befriend her and go shopping with her.
  • Yeonghee: Nope. Have you ever brought your girlfriend home?
  • Leeteuk: No..
  • Yeonghee: I said the same thing as your sister. I’ve always imagined being very good friends with my little brother’s girlfriend. I even encouraged him to date someone close to my age. However, that all changed when I actually met her. She came up to me and said “Hello~” and I greeted her back while grinding my teeth.
  • Eunhyuk: My sister keeps taking my girlfriends and friends from me.
  • Yeonghee: LOLOL what does that mean?
  • Eunhyuk: She befriends them and make them on her side.
  • Everyone else: LOOOOOOOOOL
  • Eunhyuk: Ever since we were little she would do this. She’d make my friends on her side and leave me to be a loner.
  • Leeteuk: His sister still does that. Sometimes she’ll leave hateful comments on a post about him.
  • Leeteuk: How about you, Sandeul?
  • Sandeul: My sister? I don’t think my sister is very interested in me..
  • Leeteuk: Did you tell your sister when you had a girlfriend?
  • Sandeul: Uhhhh, well…
  • Eunhyuk: Do you ever see your family at all?
  • Sandeul: Hahaha, yes, I see her sometimes… but you see, my sister is very popular.
  • Eunhyuk: How old is your sister?
  • Sandeul: She’s 22.
  • Yeonghee: Ahh, such a good age.
  • Eunhyuk: Must be nice… 4 years apart from me..
  • Everybody: LOLOLOLOLOL
  • Yeonghee: Aigooo
  • Eunhyuk: It’s because I love calculating things.
  • Everybody: LOOOOOOL
  • Sandeul: On Valentines day, my sister would get a lot of chocolate so she needed to carry them all in a big paper bag. She’d have so much that she just threw some at me and told me to eat it.
  • Yeonghee: I’d take it.
  • Sandeul: Of course I took it!
  • Everybody: LOLOLOL
  • Yeonghee: Reminds me of the old times. I was so thankful to my brother (He did the same thing as Sandeul’s sister did)
  • Leeteuk: (He is reading a text request from a listener) Eunhyuk and Sandeul, is there anything you want from your sisters?
  • Eunhyuk: If you had to pick one thing.
  • Sandeul: Ahhhh, from my sister. I wish my sister would be interested in me…
  • Leeteuk: Give him so love.
  • Sandeul: Please love me…
  • Everybody: Hahahaha….
  • Eunhyuk: How about you, Leeteuk?
  • Leeteuk: I wish my sister would get married.
  • Everyone: LOLOLOLOL
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