[Trans] Powerful and Refined CNBLUE in HMV Magazine

CNBLUE’s Long-awaited Major Debut
Powerful and Refined Band Sound

CNBLUE is a 4-member band with twin guitar & vocal. Their career is exceptional. They debuted in Japan before they did in their home country, Korea. There’s an episode behind that we can feel very strong aspiring of them.

They wished to train themselves in Japan, where the band culture is rooted, so they came to Japan in 2009. They concentrated on improving their musical and performance skills by doing almost 100 of live performances at clubs and on streets in a short period of time.

They released debut mini album “Now or Never” in August 2009, it wasn’t their major debut, but it was their indie debut. Even their debut was as an indie band, they made a record of exceptional sales, and after that, they debuted in Korea fully prepared.

Then they constantly released singles, mini-albums and albums both in Japan and Korea and each of them made a big splash. While piling up a certain track record, their confidence is deepened greatly. Finally, their time as an indie band ended.

Their major debut single “In My Head” will be released. You’ll surprised with the highly detailed completion rate of the single. The rock tune with the feeling of speed, also their music has a trace of various genres of music which is very interesting. We occasionally come across crispy and powerful rap tune, the emotional tune like R&B, and danceable beat.

But the compromise does not give variation entirely, it was completed as a high quality of pop music by going through the filter as “CNBLUE”. That reminds us how CNBLUE was named. The “Code Name BLUE” is the origin, “BLUE” means to create one colour with 4 members”. Their variety of musicality is exactly the band’s name and the major debut has made CNBLUE’s “colour”.

Scanned by: @CNBurningHARU
Translated by: CNBLove @ cnbluestorm
Edited by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm